Jane's Dancing Hands​

"Her hands heal.

They are healing hands -

while they dance."

                                                                                         ~ Abdy


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Dancing hands?  What are Jane's Dancing Hands?

That was the question posed to me late December 2015 when introducing myself to a group of 64 healers

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and helpers.  I was at a ten-day long Abdy Electriciteh retreat in the tropical rain forest of Costa Rica and I shyly said I didn’t know what to call what it was that I did.  All I could say was that my hands dance.  And that, uh… people often shared that somehow they felt… better.

“What do they do — these dancing hands?” a woman called out.  I blushed and stuttered not knowing how to explain the unexplainable and finally, Abdy shook his head, laughing a bit and simply answered for me, “Her hands heal.  They are healing hands — while they dance.”

My heart beat very quickly when I heard these words.

Really?  Did he really just say that?

"It still feels as if I’m watching a beautiful, surreal story of someone else." 

I didn’t even know happenings like this really occurred.  Asked in 2009 first to co-produce a documentary on a healer, (who doesn’t call himself a healer), before going on to producing and presenting his live events, with a great global team we met nearly a quarter of a million people each year in the three and a half we worked together.  All over the world, I witnessed spectacular, miraculous, and formally unfathomable stories unfold. For the first time in my life, I saw a whole other layer of reality and more, I realized that which I'd considered the miraculous was everywhere.  It could happen in the middle of a busy family life -- in a ball room, a bedroom, a boardroom, or anywhere.  I found that shifts connecting with true pure Source weren't confined to the hushed hue of a ritualized church-like ceremony, but could happen anytime and anywhere, and did

I'd worked with a few other men with very special gifts before in 2015, when I met and toured with Abdy Electriciteh.  Born into his gift, Abdy has a long history wowing souls -- from the glitterati of Hollywood to thousands simultaneously in huge group sessions in South America -- so in these seven years I have seen some of the best of the best up close.  But me?  Bringing forth help in an unusual way, too?  Really? 

When people -- even my own friends and family -- relate how these dancing hands have helped them I still shake my head in wonder.  Even two years into this and counting, it all still feels like I’m watching the beautiful and surreal story of someone else ... but here I am seeing the beauty and awe of it all, and feeling through these hands and this heart only the greatest honor and gratitude to be here in joyful dance.

I am not a healer nor a psychic. My hands may snap, clap, and dance, or a song may sing through, but it is purest Source energy coming through doing "the work," not I.

Because I come from a family of scientists, teachers, and doctors -- people who love data and research to back their beliefs, I've even submitted this gift to scientific testing at Psy-Tek, a Subtle Energy Lab in Encinitas, CA.  Through various tests, we first established a baseline of my energy and then retested my energy again eight hours later after dancing with people all day long, (with only a ten-minute break for water and few bites of  fruit), and Psy-Tek found there was zero diminishing of my energy.  The results concluded the energy simply went through me (from Source) to those with whom I was dancing.  

I can't and don't compare myself to the long-standing conduits who have rich histories with helping.  I'm just grateful that somehow, during a dance or in the wake of a session, that harmonizing effects often actualize to such an extent now I am compelled -- with love -- to devote more of my time and heart to helping others through these dancing hands.  

What happens in Dancing Hands Sessions?

Here are some of the things people have shared about their experience of the dancing hands:

  • Physical strengthening, opening, shifting, healing, empowering, alignment
  • Mental clarity, intuition heightened, memory improvement, calming, less brain chatter, lightness of being
  • Spiritual alignment, attunement, harmony, focus, awareness, connecting with loved ones beyond, and re-membering one's and/or the collective sacred path
  • Emotional peace and well-being restored, expansive love and compassion, sweeter sensuality and awareness
  • Relationships improve, magnetizing greater heart, healthy communication, dynamic flow
  • Some feel instantly the shifts and are forever changed.  Some feel effects in the hours, days or months after with a knowing connection to their time with Jane's Dancing Hands.
  • And more...

Read or watch the testimonials  and if you can, open up to greater possibilities for you and all -- beyond your imagining -- because we all feel better knowing we can feel better —  emotionally, physically, mentally, or spiritually. 

Is this really Source* coming through these Dancing Hands?​

Embrace of Dancing Hands
When I asked Abdy if was it pure, was it Source, was he sure, (though I know it feels beautiful and indescribably pure when it courses through my heart and dancing hands),  I wanted to know — did I need to do anything else?  Did anyone – myself or those who came forward — need protection or clarification?  What are the rules?  I was endless with my questions.  Gently and finally he said, “Trust this.  Yes, it’s pure Source. You don’t need to ask these questions.  It’s powerful … your dancing hands are very powerful. Get your website up, share, and do this.”

And Pura Vida?  What's this "pure Life" Jane talks about in Circles? 

This is the part that has been speaking to me always in tandem with purest Source energy since I was a child.  This is the elemental connection of God/Source/Holy Spirit/Creator/Goddess/Great Spirit/ke Akua/Divine as activated and made manifest in our natural realm -- the way the tides work, how the stars are held, the mystery of gravity, the pull of the natural realm to the light and more.  When my hands dance much of the imagery shared with me is from the natural realm and sometimes people share with me in their experiences during Dancing Hands sessions are also of the same.  Sometimes people smell jasmine or roses while I dance.  Sometimes together we feel a warm breeze lifting out cares or warm waters wash our feet with love. Sometimes stars sparkle above. As we feel peace looking at the ocean, so we may feel waves of joy wash over us here as we dance with heaven on earth within us all.​  Source is in it all and this connection with All-That-Is is keenly felt, encouraging us to also be our true nature.

On our ABOUT page, you can hear more about the evolution of my own radical healing with these dancing hands after I was hit squarely from behind in September 2015 in a huge hit and run car accident, totaling the car that smashed into me at high speed and leaving only a few scratches on my car and a smile in the liner of my intact bumper.  While my hands have been dancing in earnest since Abdy touched my forehead in May, 2015, it wasn’t until September 2015 that pure Source flashed brightly from within my Honda, and literally knocked my car, (and me), sixty feet forward to accept the miraculous once again.  This shook me to the core and helped me really see maybe there was more at play here than even I imagined, and especially in how even more personally how I might help my fellow beings and this beautiful planet I love so much.

How are you navigating the world change?

Are you ready to dance yourself to your happiest, healthiest, most connected self?

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If you’ve been on my personal Facebook or on our Sparkling Circle Facebook page found here you may already know about this gift, which utterly fixed my neck from whiplash within an hour and that this gift is an ever evolving one. 

Testimonials come in every day and often splash into our social media sites before this site.  Our Facebook page Jane's Dancing Hands is up.  Our JDH FB  is primarily focused on JDH Circles, testimonials, JDH Zoom sessions, JDH Quanta Circles, or other tidbits that keenly relate to the Dancing Hands.   We so appreciate it when you, too, LIKE, SHARE, and COMMENT so that others may join in to experience and grow in this new wave of peace, joy, and harmony.  Just sharing the upliftment happening now brings more light to the world when it is so greatly craving good news and activations of this kind.

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Click this: Good Day Sacramento to see my early AM segment before the Holistic Living Expo.  What fun to have the host be so surprised by how she instantly felt when these hands danced. Half our audience that day spontaneously came to meet us at the Expo after seeing the segment, saying they could feel the energy as I worked on the TV host, too.  We are so grateful for their help launching our largest live circles yet with many spontaneous souls feeling the nudge to come and dance with their perfect harmony and joy, too!

Born in the USA, I danced inside and outside The White House last year.  This is the house that is to "belong to the people," and was so happy, grateful and so very honored to be given the most special private tour where I could see, feel, and dance with the best we can be when we come together for the good of all humankind. While America goes through a huge change right now, I continue to sent my prayers that we all can find better ways to come together in harmony, peace, and goodwill, ​and will forever remain hopeful, prayerful, and focused that we shall be compassionate, helpful, inclusive, and work as a diverse, loving, and wholesome community dedicated to freedom, independence, and goodwill to all.  Add your prayers, too.

What's next?

Join us Jane's Dancing Hands comes to Canada for the first time! What a way to begin the Winter holidays.

The world is going through some major growing pains right now, as are her people.  While these challenges are often very disturbing to even the most resilient of us, when in the Dancing Hands Circle we are instantly wrapped in the loving, compassionate, unifying field of purest Source energy where harmony, peace, and agape love is our central frequency.

Jane continues to hold all in her prayers, and this is inclusive of all beings, situations, communities, countries, and hopes.  Thank you for adding your prayers for our best and highest individual and collective good to your dancing prayers, too.​

Ready to co-create with us the Jane's Dancing Hands Circles in 2018?  We'd love your help! 

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