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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Last day to register to stay at the Milk Barn was June 8, 2017! Please contact Suzi or Elissa if you wish for a last minute booking as we may be able to accommodate you! 

At our last Aloha Rising Retreat, Jane was invited to come back to Austin, TX and the idea of the retreat in Texas came to light.

We invite you to immerse yourself in this all inclusive women's retreat where Jane will be sharing her gifts with you, and you will have an opportunity to reflect on what the Pure Source energy brings forward in your life. You will be journaling, dancing, story telling, connecting with the pure essence of who you are and have the opportunity to re-energize and be immersed in feeling far away from everyday life in this weekend get-a-way only a few hours away from Austin and San Antonio....

This is a journey of evolutionary love, harmonizing inner and outer as One and activating our greatest potential. Everyone will get what they need most, in this collective sacred space of intelligent love and wholeness.

The 4 Dancing Hands Circles during this weekend will bathe all in Source Energy; touching each participant uniquely and directly. Additional contemplative arts and movement meditations will be skillfully woven throughout the weekend. We will share meals, have time in nature, solitude and silence, as well as celebrating in community. Come share this rites of passage and give rise to your awakening, activated Source power within. Receive and show up for this unforgettable divine appointment with your true nature.

Your will be staying at  Mo-Ranch Center which is nestled on 500 acres along the spring-fed Guadalupe River, in the heart of the beautiful Hill Country in Hunt, Texas. 

Lodging and meals are provided, if you have any special dietary needs, please let Elissa know as she will be sending the list to the chef so everyone's dietary needs can be accommodated. Bedrooms will be shared, there are bunk beds in multiple separate rooms and each room has a bathroom. Contact Elissa if you wish to reserve a full room for yourself and 4 or 6 of your friends. Space is limited, reserve yours soon!

If you do not wish to share the room, you have an option to book a hotel room separately and in addition to the retreat (see tickets options) and you will need to book these in advance to ensure they are there upon your arrival. The hotel accommodations are near the front of the ranch and registration while the Milk Barn (where we booked this retreat) is towards the back of the ranch. You need to call in (and speak to guest services) and make a regular reservations (without the group name) but do not reserve your meals. The way Individual Reservations work is you will have to pay the first night's stay while making the reservation. Your stay would be completely separate from our retreat and the Individual Reservation rules will apply. Click HERE to go to Mo-Ranch website or call 1-800-460-4401, and check out their two hotel options - they are either 109/night or 119/night depending on which facility you choose. We are not responsible for arrangements made separately from our retreat package. Reserve early as the rooms are most likely to sell out. 

I, Jane Sibbett will be opening these humble, dancing hands​ and the pure Source connection which has been flowing through them since May 2015.  If new to this gift, please go to  I will be dancing  multiple dancing hands circles between Friday evening and Sunday morning, so this immersion will be deep and radiating to the Earth, the water, the stars, and all, going deeper and wider with every rotation.  

This is how our retreat facilitators describe Jane's Dancing Hands--- JDH is sacred work catalyzing the accelerated evolution of human consciousness. It's fuel is Unconditional Love, Source energy. The transmission moves as vulnerable kindness and bubbles with innate dancing joy. It activates Remembrance of Wholeness, Connection to and Reclamation of Divine Inheritance- within each being...uniquely. This is a movement-of Unity, that serves the One and the Whole with Life affirming energy. This wave of Grace is much bigger than all of us. It is a magnetic inspiration and call to LIFE! A cool drink and breath of fresh air for humanity. Its an Evolution Revolution. Viva La Evolucion!!!

with wildest aloha I look forward to dancing with you soon!


PS.Scroll down the page for pricing and ticket link. We will be updating this page with daily schedule.

More about the facilitators of this retreat:

Jane, Elissa and Gabriela flow synergistically to create, and contain sacred space. As hostesses and facilitators, we will guide the group into depth of connection, expression, embodiment and integration.

We will circle, dance, play and steep in Source Energy. This homecoming will be rich with reclamation, self healing and activation into the unique gifts which are ours to share with the world at this time. We will leap into the Quantum field, and ground back into our daily living with more clarity, life force, joy and inspired action.​

Gabriela Masala

is a multifaceted facilitator and life artist. She has been steeping in universal wisdom teachings, contemplative/expressive arts and energy medicine for over 20 years. Her sacred work with groups and individuals is infused with pure love and creativity that catalyzes awareness and transformation. Her approach is holistic, compassionate, integrative and evolutionary. She naturally ignites innate freedom and wisdom to flow; directing clients home to their own deepest hearts and direct connection to Source Energy.Gabriela is a lover of art, movement, music, nature, humanity and cosmology. The Universe, unseen and natural world are among her greatest teachers. She holds a Masters degree in Culture and Creation Spirituality, with a concentration in Art as Meditation. Her decades in the professional world of Mind/Body/Spirit education have taken her across the globe into diverse learning/teaching environments. Her work has been enriched through study with various mentors, who have encouraged self inquiry and direct experience as material for Life/Energy study and mastery. She is a long time practitioner and certified guide of several schools of yoga, dance, healing and expressive arts. She is a published author, recording artist, entrepreneur and founding principal of Source Consulting Group.

Elissa Shapiro

My background is as a psychotherapist specializing in body image and disordered eating work with women and girls. After experiencing such benefits in my own health and wellbeing through movement modalities such as Nia, Soul Motion, ecstatic dance and authentic movement, I quickly became passionate about helping women to discover the gifts of moving their bodies for joy, health, harmony and healing. I have been facilitating women's classes, retreats and workshops utilizing movement and dance, along with other expressive arts modalities in Austin and across the country for the last 15 years to help women connect into their own self-healing and experience the tremendous gifts and beauty of their bodies. I am honored to be collaborating as part of this weekend retreat to keep exploring my own dance of self-healing, assist in supporting the growth of our women's community, and help to enhance our individual and collective connection to Source. The moment I met Jane I knew definitively there was something unique and powerful moving through her hands that was going to impact my life and the world in big ways. I always feel the tremendous amounts of energy that continues to go right into my body and into my life in the exact places they are most needed when participating in a "Janes Dancing Hands" circle. I love the continued expansion personally and professionally I am receiving from this work.

About Jane Sibbett by our Aloha Rising and Women's Retreat facilitators: 

Dancing Hands of Jane is of "Pure Source." The rhythmic movements of her hands provides a conduit of perfection that embraces ones truest self that is in each and every one of us. Her Dancing Hands invites your "Essence" to dance and play in this bright beam of knowing until your body, heart, mind and soul re-members and recalibrate to their divinely connected rhythm of health, creativity, joy, abundance, ease and love. 
JDH is sacred work catalyzing the accelerated evolution of human consciousness. It's fuel is Unconditional Love, Source energy. The transmission moves as vulnerable kindness and bubbles with innate dancing joy. It activates Remembrance of Wholeness, Connection to and Reclamation of Divine Inheritance- within each being...uniquely. This is a movement-of Unity, that serves the One and the Whole with Life affirming energy

Reflections from our last retreat:

Jane, Supreme Light of Lights, Divine Mother Conduit...
My deepest heartfelt appreciation and gratitude for Aloha Rising!!.. It was a Mountain Top spiritual experience for me...I am finding that each time I experience JDH, I am able to dissolve deeper into the sweet surrender of being one with Source. Aloha Rising retreat, for me, was a quantum deep dive connection to the sacredness contained in all of nature, to the sacredness contained within my very core,...a full complete circle,... linked to the sacred sweet spots in Oahu and Hawaii. It was undeniably life changing/life altering... As I dissolved into oneness with mother earth, in deep communication with all the elements, I realized that nature was mirroring and teaching me highest potentials... I learned expansiveness/ in all directions while being one with the vast blue sky and being one with the dirt/sand/water,.. I learned of wholeness and completeness thru the penetrating light while being one with the sun,.. I learned deep trust and deep surrender while floating as one with the power of the ocean,...I learned an entirely new multi-dimension of transcendence thru deep love/bliss/silence being one with the dolphins/whales, and I felt a deeper heart connection out of love for all of humanity while connecting to each and every individual I that i encountered....I felt everything and everyone teaching me valuable lessons of expansion, release and surrender. At the culmination of the retreat, I felt my entire being expand into deep inner freedom, as I tasted the state of being transparent, fearless and invincible,... I felt unified to the whole, and deeply connected to the highest level of love, through the awareness of oneness to ALL.....

John Doe UI/UX Designer

"Best words I can use to describe how I saw you, after you'd done more work with Jane (since your very first encounter with her) are a lighter, brighter presence, solid presence as usual, but eyes shining a little brighter with smoother, more glowing [for lack of better words] skin on your face, looking younger, more carefree" Testimonial from Texas after a participant returned from our Aloha Rising, Oahu Retreat.

There are so many testimonials on our Testimonials page.  Share yours and inspire others to grow, trust, allow, and receive the abundance that is here for all.

Words transcribed from a live Skype session with New Zealand:

John Doe UI/UX Designer

"As soon as I found out about you from Kristi Walsh's radio show and then saw on your website what you said to the newscaster on Good Day Sacramento I knew I had to book a session right away... even 30 min. before our session I began feeling the energy and ... what? Can it be? can be so instantaneous -- my back feels so completely pain, no constriction... And your hands - my head may not understand, but my whole being knows this (dancing mudra) language. It feels like a sacred initiation... And I finally feel here ... beautifully and deeply rooted in this body on Earth... Oh, we will dance again."

How some are connecting with Jane's Dancing Hands effortlessly for their greatest harmony and health.  Thank you for sharing and commenting here on this page.

Dr.Tim Warren, Rhode Island 1.20.16

Author, (Lessons from Everest), Chiropractor, Coach, Teacher, Wellness Advocate, World-Class Mountaineer

Some people are tapped into different energy. Jane Sibbett is one of them. I found this out personally as I was experiencing an acute flare up of a painful spine condition I have had for years. After 20 minutes of working with Jane I was 50% better. The next morning I was 70% better and have been stable in the month since. Amazing to me, but was more amazing was she simultaneously identified a key component of my newest book, confirming to me this principals power and importance. All without any prompting from me.

Your JDH Women's Retreat  

    • $550 Regular price (includes an invite to join 3 Zoom Circles as our guest) PLEASE CONTACT US FOR DETAILS
    • $500  Retreat Option for those arranging alternative lodging