It may seem a strange choice to begin my blog with a letter from  my new friend, Eric, but this provides the landscape and a fairly concise backdrop of the events that have transpired with these dancing hands since September.  While Eric’s first experience with the dancing hands was after we met working as Mr. and Mrs. Darling in a new movie (Jessica Darling’s It List due Summer 2016), he’d asked me to meet him at my favorite Thai restaurant so I could help him with an important upcoming audition.  During dinner he received a call that the audition was cancelled so we decided to walk across the street and steal some much needed time for me to get my feet in the sand of one of my favorite beaches in California.  I’ve been sorely homesick for ocean time since moving back from Hawaii this past year and any chance to get there was welcome.  It was here that I heard his story of how sick he’d been with Lyme Disease and Malaria.  I have a long and unedited video testimonial currently parked on YouTube where Eric describes his first experience with the dancing hands, but for the sake of this blog where it all really came to a head for me — or rather, more accurately smacked me hard from behind in a huge hit and run accident — take a look at Eric’s letter and how he’s watched very carefully and been keenly affected by the gift of the dancing hands phenomena.

Paradigm Shift of Healing Coming through Jane’s Hands

A Witness to the Evolution at the Time of the Crash


By Eric Lutes, Artist



What I first saw as a vague, but interesting form of meditation or spiritual expression –how I thought Jane got centered — turned out to be just the beginning stages and I soon saw manifesting in a much more powerful and potentially global way affecting people in to a larger extent. It’s growing so fast that it’s been difficult to keep up with the realization of how it’s evolving daily. As soon as I think I understand, it evolves to the next level. The turning point for me was the night of Jane’s accident.


When I saw the damage of the other car I was certain Jane would need to go to the hospital – it was catastrophic. I couldn’t even find her car because I was looking for a wrecked car. I was certain she would have serious spine displacement. The other car was totaled. The front end was on the ground accordion style. Having seen that it didn’t make sense that Jane’s car had no visible damage and that it was in fact fine to drive. I see now that there was something between her car and the other.


Miraculously, the EMTs gave the okay for her drive home, which she insisted on doing herself and I insisted I follow her – certain she’d need to pull over — certain the pain would be too excruciating. Finally, after the all clear she gets back in the car and on the freeway and as I was following close behind I began to see her dancing hands I thought, “What a great way to relax.” Little did I know what the real effect was of her dancing hands. When we pulled up to her home, I was certain there would be a huge change – the effects would have really set in after 45 min in the car, but instead she kind of sprung out of the car and I remember thinking that’s odd, for there was no sign of discomfort.


I remember she said, “My hands started dancing!” and I said, “I know, I could see you.” And I thought, “Oh, you could use that for that? What are these hands?” Obviously something worked for she exhibited zero stiffness or pain getting out of the car. I looked into her eyes to check the pupils for shock. To my shock they were perfectly fine. So she suggested going for a walk with her dog, Lucky. We walked maybe three or four minutes when we stopped and she asked if she could hold on a second and she said, “Can I put my head here for a minute?” Then she rested her forehead on my heart, which seemed to initiate some celestial adjustment because her right hand fluttered up and pointed at the neck a few times and then, almost instantly I heard her neck release with a pop. And she looked up and laughed, surprised. I remember thinking, “I can’t believe what I’m witnessing.”


I wanted to make sure she was fine before I left and she assured me she was. I remember thinking, “That’s okay for tonight, but tomorrow morning, as most of us know, you’re going to be in a lot of pain.” And she said, “I’ll be fine.” And that’s when I laughed.


The paradigm started to shift that next morning for me when her words came true, that she was indeed fine – no pain, stiffness, or soreness. She indeed really sounded fine on the phone and I thought, “Whaaat?!” I started to think, “There is power in those dancing hands.”


It’s still hard for me to believe. I get the God component. But those hands? I like to think of myself as spiritual, yet I have a healthy amount of skepticism. We all want to believe in miracles, but when confronted face to face with them we do everything we can to dismiss them or explain them scientifically. But there was no way to dismiss this – absolutely none. I came a believer that morning.


Since then she has helped me with my chronic Lyme and joint pain, 35 years of chronic pain in my knee – now gone, my fairly intense nicotine addiction is now gone, and now I have a generally elevated sense of consciousness. There is now a serious reduction in anxiety and generally my energy is better. And one more thing – about three times a year I get a pretty severe aural migraine that lasts anywhere between 30 – 45 minutes. This normally manifests in an 80% loss of sight, dizziness, and nausea. So here we are in the middle of Times Square at Christmas time – sensory overload — and we ducked into a deli for a bite to eat and I realized it wasn’t just the lights of Time Square, but it was the flashing lights of an aural migraine. And my heart sank because I knew for the next 45 min. it was going to be horrible.


She asked me what was wrong. And I said, “I think I am having an aural migraine.” With a garlic stick in one hand, Jane’s free hand flew up immediately to my temple and forehead and started dancing – right there in the middle of a noisy, crowded Times Square deli and I realized then it was as natural as cleaning your glasses in public. Five minutes later I was fine and I hard time even then believing it – sure it would kick back in, but it didn’t. It was fine the rest of the night and I haven’t had one since. I now know better to question this. Now I get it and I go with it.


The other eye opener was when we were at a big holiday party with a disparate group – not a spiritual group at all – and in conversation what started as maybe an interesting parlor trick or curiosity for many turned to a demonstration and soon there was a queue with people jockeying to see who could go next. The first to try was a friend who also had been dealing with Lyme for years and feeling so badly this night she had a really hard time walking into the party. Immediately Jane’s hand went to work and my friend’s pain just seemed to melt away. Having entered on her husband’s arm, she was able to now walk unassisted after Jane’s hands danced around her for less than thirty minutes. My sister-in-law who suffers from almost daily migraines for 30 years was clear for a full four days in a row after Jane worked on her and Jane has since done work on her remotely to keep them at bay. ** My very British and highly skeptical gentleman friend pushed forward as if to challenge or debunk this and as if sensing his pain Jane asked if he also had anything he wished might or could feel better. He said he didn’t believe in this. So instead of feeling put off, Jane said, “I know this seems crazy. I still think it’s wild, too! But wouldn’t it be great for you if it really helped? Shall we just see?” And so he brought forward his thumbs, which he said hurt terribly when he moved them. After a mere few minutes, she asked him to move the right thumb and he nearly gasped, “No pain!” as he wiggled and flexed it in wonder. She then worked on the left hand. “No pain here either.” He thanked her and slipped off to have a drink.


It’s been really exciting to see this from its early stages and to witness the evolution or the maturation of this truly, miraculous gift. May you, too, have eyes to see and ears to hear, and discernment enough to trust that this only comes from Goodness so that you’ll be as amazed as I am.