We’ve tested this system with the Zoom webinar application with great success and for just about everyone it works very well. However, things can go sideways when weaving the tech and the spiritual world together in a brand new way.  If a little tech wackiness arises, please hang in there with us. We are all in this together and we WILL get it resolved.

Please follow these guidelines to have the best Zooming experience:

  1. Keep Your Zoom Link Handy – Use the link provided in the confirmation email you receive from us.
  1. Refresh or Re-Join – If you can’t see or hear me, or you get bounced from the session for any reason, you will want to refresh your screen by clicking the blue refresh button in the browser bar at the bottom or top of your screen.
  1. Prepare your Browser – We use a program called Zoom for our Zoom many use Google Chrome Internet browser.  Jane uses Safari or Firefox, but others use this:
  1. Your Internet Connection – This technology works on almost any device that is connected via a high speed Internet connection (including smart phones & tablets) but is best viewed and listened to on a device with an Ethernet connection (not a wireless connection.)If you attend the webinar on a wireless connection, you may experience some buffering and pixilation issues or see fuzzy or blurry video, especially in the first few minutes or if you have other apps running at the same time.

    Streaming video is very demanding on your Internet connection.  Try to encourage other people who are on the same Internet connection to refrain from downloading large files or streaming video (this includes Netflix or Xbox live) during the duration of the Zoom.  This will greatly improve your picture and audio quality.

  1. Close Other Programs – Close down all software, apps, and browser tabs on your device, except what you are using to view the webinar – This will insure that you don’t have any hardware or software conflicts that could bounce you off the webinar and frees up as many of your computer/device’s resources as possible for the best viewing experience.Some programs that can impact the quality of your picture are things that sync in the background, like Dropbox, Google Drive or Evernote.  For best results turn them off until the webinar is over.
  1. Attendee Control Panel – During the session, through your mouse you have access to a control panel, which allows you to chat, refresh the session if there is an issue, and give you two views – Gallery View where you see a full screen of at least one page of attendees or Speaker view where Jane or the speaker is featured with just four or so fellow attendees along the top in thumbnails. You can also click on full screen icon located in upper right corner of your video screen and minimize thumbnails if you wish not to see any other participants and have only Jane on your screen.
  1. Raise Your Hand – We often invite participants to raise their hand and join the session live before or after the dance to offer their experience or to ask a question.If you are selected, you will need a camera on your computer or device, and a microphone. It is best to use ear buds or a headset, or it could cause echoing for the other participants.  If you don’t have either of these, please stick to using the chat to ask a question and do not raise your hand.  Thanks for being considerate of the noise in your room, too, as we do hear if someone is talking in the background or watching tv. when asking a question or sharing.
  1. Will there be a Replay? –  Not yet. But perhaps in the future!  Hold the vision and let’s co-create this together.
  2. Check your email for Zoom session link and password – You will receive “Your JANESDANCINGHANDS.COM order receipts from (date of purchase)” confirmation email from us, that is NOT the same as PayPal confirmation email. Sometimes, this email will end up in you spam/junk inbox, please check there! If your purchase and transaction is complete, you WILL have this email, it is automated. Email contains all the information about your Zoom session, including link to session and password if password is required. Please look below: zoomorder-jpg

Enjoy the Dance!  We look forward to your open heart to let your highest self dance with pure Source joy, health, and abundant harmony.


Blue skies and brightest blessings,

Jane & Suzi


*except for those on Google tablets