What happens in a private session, in person, on Zoom, or via phone call?  

Jane explains...

First, we'll speak specifically about what you’d like to address in our session. You may bring a wish or a list of intentions, express your biggest dreams, and share your personal story before I work if that is your desire.  This can be a rare, non-judgmental treat that gets extra mana/energy to thrive if it is for your best and highest good.  I would only suggest that you may wish to reframe your intentions most positively for greater impact in advance, but if this is challenging, I am happy to work with you on this.

Others prefer to simply allow Source and your highest self to have a silent chat and direct the entire session. You may wish to be in a receptive mode, watching, feeling, and listening to the Language of Love speak to your mind, body, spirit, and emotions instead of speaking.  It's also alright to request a little of both. There are no rules except that I dance and we work together always for the best and highest of good of you, your loved ones, and all situations.  

Along those lines, I have also found that even if I might have a wish to refine a focus -- if there is an ache or pain in the body, for instance -- Source may still lead my hands to other parts, to align or strengthen foundational systems first, and then, if appropriate, we continue on.  Ego definitely steps down from me doing any directing, allowing Source to always lead the dance, no matter what we discuss.

Sometimes, I feel the places or aspects seeking extra support or soothing, and my hands will dance in many ways around the body, sometimes I'm strictly an observer.

There are myriad ways people feel the Dancing Hands energy.  For some it is an intensity of sensation, a warming, a cooling, or tingling -- even the feeling of love, peace, or joy.  Some become delightfully giddy, others deep and contemplative, but most all very positive, and many times emotional, touched by the depth of Love.

I encourage each person to communicate if they wish as we go and share with me anything arising that feels uncomfortable and together we adjust for greater ease. In fact, we can talk throughout the session or be quiet as we are each individually or together led.  So far, after thousands of people have now experienced the dancing hands session, only one asked me to step back the intensity a bit.  And the moment that intention was expressed the intensity subsided -- practically instantly.

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Here is what Monnie Ramsell wrote after her first in person Dancing Hands session:

Embrace of Dancing Hands

“Ah Jane Sibbett, if only you can see those lights coming out of your hands! In fact, many of us are learning to “see” this now.

There are streams of light coming from each finger tips of each hand towards the image of the “person” in front of you whether that person is yourself or someone you are helping. Then the light from each hand will converge and a sparkle will be seen (on the part of the of body that needs help) on the image of the one you are working on. All these are happening automatically. It is real.

Sensation of warmth, tingling or cold can often be felt by the one being worked on. And then there comes the results – broken bone healed, pain disappeared, etc.. This is a confirmation. You can do it in person or long distance. You are getting confirmation definitely from everyone your hands have danced to. It is new, it is real and it is totally beautiful! We are often asked to get out of the way and allow “Source” to do the work. Getting out of the way means putting aside our fears and our doubts. Getting out of the way doesn’t mean not consciously knowing or understanding that something is working. When more and more people gets that healing is possible, that healing is normal, that healing is really the standard if our consciousness would allow it, then all fears will be irrelevant. We will help ourselves, we will help others. Most importantly, we will inspire everyone to do the same. Yes, then we will all build a healthier and happier future where everyone can dance together in peace, in love and in cooperation. Only when we can “see” our own beauty and awesomeness, then can we recognize the beauty and awesomeness in others. The pureness of heart in you have allowed that to fully blossom. Just like a tiny seed can hold the vision of a fully grown tree bearing flowers and fruit and providing shades and oxygen. You will blossom into the most beautiful tree inspiring us all to take our first step towards perfection that we are. Dance on, Jane.”

Do the dancing hands touch or massage me?

During in-person sessions sometimes there is a light tapping or the gentlest touching, but I always ask permission first so no one is surprised.  Generally, if there is any touching, it is far less invasive or manipulative than what one might expect in a chiropractic appointment. In person sessions are usually 30 min sessions you can book before or after Jane's Dancing Hands Circle events, please contact Suzi or JDH hosts in your city to book.

What is the difference between an online or an in-person session?

For those who have done both, they say there is very little difference in the time/space continuum of this gift with pure Source. Obviously Jane’s hands will not physically be touching or tapping the skin while dancing during a Skype or over the phone, but many people report feeling the warmth spread through their hearts, their solar plexus, or feel a tingling in their hands or limbs – just as one may feel in person. If Jane’s hands are dancing on her side of the screen — even if the recipient can’t seen them, say if they are clapping off the frame of the screen — the recipient may even feel where they are dancing – over a part of the body or working on an emotional body, eliciting cleansing tears or immense joy and laughter. Some may even prefer Skype sessions for they can relax in the comfort of their home before and after sessions.

We are now offering two special private sessions package options:

Package 4-5-6 

Buy four private sessions for $500, must be used within 6 months of purchase.

Package 2-3-4

This is a special option for those who wish to share their private session with their loved ones. Two people get three sessions for $400


What seems like a fair exchange for a private session of dancing hands online or via phone?  I’ve turned to those who have experienced my work and are used to various therapies and modalities, as well as alternative health practices to advise me.

Those who I’ve been working with and are saying this is “so different” or “so much more” than anything they have ever had, have advised me to begin with 150. per private session via Zoom or phone, but currently the price of an hour-long session is 140. even though this is quite different than a massage or a reading, which are the rates I’m being asked to look at. (Health practitioners are more, yes?) 

Since the session is directed by pure Source sometimes the length of time varies depending on the kind of work we are conducting or the energy levels of the person receiving. Please allow 90 min. for your session --- even if your booked session is a little less than an hour because it is a gift that will keep on giving if you allow your mind, body, and spirit to assimilate the energy more deeply after your session, too.

If I’m traveling to you for a private session, please consider the time and gas it takes for me to travel when factoring the price as that would be possibly an hour or two that I can't work with another person online. I humbly ask that if you choose to give a love donation to this work that you do your best to find an amount you feel is fair for the time spent and the gift offered.

Now some people have nothing to spend at all, but still greatly wish for my support, so I do my best to honor these needs, too. When we produced the Braco tour we never turned anyone away and I’ve done my best to ask for the same on behalf of the audiences wherever I’ve gone and helped with others. Our very first Braco session in San Francisco, we had a great space with plenty of room in the back so Megan asked and I agreed, that she could quietly bring in the homeless teens that were camped outside under the nearby freeway underpass. We both know what it’s like to feel hopeless and hungry and I’ll never forget how many times I have prayed for someone – anyone — to help me. So I am setting up a Thirty Four Dollar Thursday to help accommodate the many needs for the weeks I’m not traveling.  If this is still too much for you, please let me know.  If this is less than you can afford, I appreciate that, too.  You're encouraged to listen to your heart here.


Thursdays I’ve set up a schedule for those who have needs, but are also working on overcoming financial hardship.  Currently these sessions begin at $34 for 30 minutes sessions. If you're able to pay more, but still not the full amount, thank you for using the donate button after your session.  And if you're still not able to pay this amount, please simply write to me and jane@janesdancinghands.com and we'll work it out.  Goodness knows, I know how hard it can be when you want and/or need help, but simply can't afford it.  We're in this together, Loves! 

If you are able to afford the usual price of the Dancing Hands session, thank you also for NOT choosing Donation Days on Thursdays!  I'd like to reserve Thursdays for only those who are financially not able to make the requested exchange. If Thursday is the only/best day for you, but you are able to afford a session, thank you again for using that donation button to fulfill the balance.  Regularly priced private sessions not only help me take care of my sweet family, but help make it possible for all ticket prices to remain low and scaled, whether I'm touring or Zoom'ing the sessions to the world.

Though now you can schedule out into the future as many times as you wish, as the schedule gets busier, please understand that we may have to put a limit to how many times one can schedule consecutive Thursday sessions so that we may most fairly share this offer with those who are working to feel better and have balance in all areas.  It's been suggested that I begin having group sessions via Zoom on Thursdays, so more can participate, but for now this is simply a heads up with gratitude that we all understand we are here doing our best for everyone to feel their best.

Cancellation Policy for all private sessions - There are no refunds if you cancel your appointment less than 24 hours in advance. There are also no refunds or credits for missed appointments unless it is a medical emergency.  We will reschedule your appointment if you let us know more than 24 hours in advance of your original appointment, but please do your best to give as much notice as possible.  Even 24 hours in advance doesn't allow our auto-scheduler to open and newly fill your appointment and I don't have a receptionist who can do this for me while I'm working with others. 

For cancellations, please write to jason@janesdancinghands.com and put CANCELLATION in the subject line.

PRIVATE SESSIONS IN PERSON - Private or Group/Business  

PRIVATE SESSIONS - We are currently only offering online sessions during the pandemic.  Thank you for your patience.  

When the world reopens, please know that some of my favorite "office spaces" have been beyond four walls at the beach, floating in the ocean, in the park, in the middle of a stream in Costa Rica, and atop a mountaintop with red-tailed hawks and peacocks calling to one another at a distance.  Working out in the elements, because pure Source works with the pura Vida elementals to weave and dance heaven on earth within you, brings extra joy to the dancing hands experience so keep your heart open for spontaneity, and thank you Friends for the options!

GROUPS - If you are in the N. CA area and wish to get together with a group of at least six in person, for individual private 30 min. sessions or a private dancing hands circle, also and again, with enough advanced notice, this option will be available again when given the all-clear regarding the pandemic.  

This works great for businesses desiring greater health, creativity, unity, productivity, abundance activation, and inspiration.

A CEO of a major distribution house said after I worked with her employees who had no idea what they were being asked to join, "It's like an in-house mini-retreat team-builder.  Never have I felt more peaceful and focused. Now there's a new support for us all to work better and together."

For private sessions in person while Jane is on tour, or for special requests, please write to Jason at jason@janesdancinghands.com 


New  tours to work with to groups/families/friends and even corporations in and out of the US are forming.

Are you interested in hosting a Dancing Hands Circle in your city?  Write to Jason again at jason@janesdancinghands.com to find out how easy this might be for you!