This interview, and all of your posts, bring more joy and love than my heart can contain—that must be why the tears of joy keep flowing, and waves of love and bliss keep pouring through my body. Thank you dear beloved Jane, for your continuing contributions to Creation of The New Earth. I love you!!"                                                                                                                          

~~ Beverly Herman, via Sparkling Circle - Jane Sibbett's Adventures with Shiny Life Continues, Facebook sharing about how she felt listening to one of the interviews below.  Can you guess which one?

Jane Sibbett pure Source peace dancer

"Every song, every dance, every circle is different, just as every cell, every body, every gathering is as unique as a note in the chord of the universal harmony. We simply turn up the music, tune in our hearts, and let pure Source dance us back into knowing of the perfection of our divine connection." ~

Kristi Walsh Host, Surfing the Psychic Waves

Jane is this spiritual explorer who is always discovering something new to show the rest of us, from her TV, Stage and Film career filled with many firsts for audiences, her journey through dance in all its forms, to introducing us new healers that are popping up all over the planet, and now letting her own healing abilities flow through her dancing hands, out to the rest of us. There is an inner light, an inner wisdom and a gentleness that is so expansive, that experiencing a healing from Jane opens you up to be the gift you are to the world. You don't change in a healing session with Jane, you evolve in the sweetest way possible.   

Jane's Interview on Good Day Sacramento June 2016

Part 1: Actress Jane Sibbett is in studio this morning
explaining what she does and how she can help heal you.

Part 2: Jane works to heal Melissa with her dancing hands!

Interview on the Dancing Hands April 18th, 2016

Jane is talking with Laura Powers about stories fresh from her surprising work with Mr. President, (it was an unexpected treat for Jane, too!), and more. Have a listen and let us know if you're feeling the energy in this interview, too. Many folks report they feel better just listening to these chats so see if you're in the groove today.


Want to hear the fresh out of the box interviews with Host Kristi Walsh about the genesis of this phenomena ?  Listen and see if this interview full of Jane chatting, clicking, clapping, and snapping also conveys the energy of pure Source energy to you in the same way that Kristi Walsh feels it as we go. 

Joy is ready for you as soon as YOU wish to click and connect in with pure Source JOY!