Purium – 10 Day Transformation Cleanse – This is what helped me deeply cleanse, break my sugar and caffeine addiction, clear the fuzzy brain, helped give me the strongest, healthiest shape of my life, and lose 17 lbs. in 10 days,  — at age 50! It was tough on Day 2 and 3, but the rest was relatively easy for me.  During this I did intense hot Buddhi yoga and ecstatic dance every other day, too, which was not recommended, but I didn’t find out til midway.  Now, I think moderate exercise is fine, but then… honestly, my intense yoga and dance were necessary for my emotional repair and balancing, too, so that was literally a no-brainer.

  • I’m keenly aware between the Chemtrails dropping all sorts of toxins on us in LA (and elsewhere – Yes, this has been confirmed by our LA Times and ABC News reports they ARE spraying us near daily here), and our often compromised water and the foods we ingest, despite our best efforts, we all need to be diligent in giving our bodies every advantage.  I just found our yesterday that Purium has an additional supplement of drops that would compliment the Cleanse and may offer some help.
  • This Transformational Cleanse program offers a doctor/mentor via phone, the link to which you’ll get if and when you order.
  • Even after this cleanse I have faithfully continued on with their L.O.V.E superfoods.  I found out about Purium from my friend, healer/activator Mas, who also still uses and endorses this line for its non-GMO, Kosher, high vibrational, and nutritional support.
  • This works out to about 15.00 a day for all your needs – less than most of us pay in a day for our food by a lot! If you don’t automatically get 50.00 off this when you order, please notify me and I’ll send you a link which you can manually add.
  • PLEASE use the above link to order so you can receive the five zoomed Dancing Hands sessions, too, free, where I’ll be dancing for our optimal health, or you may join us with your own cleanse through this link Dancing Hands Shake