"...I was allowed to see a bit more here and there as God allowed. I did not intend to look or interfere. It is more like it was “shown” to me (during Jane's Dancing Hands Circle) that diseased parts of certain people’s organs were removed and healthy parts installed in their place. Brains and hearts seemed to be reinforced or fortified with strength; I saw cancer being pulled away with a gentle sweeping like pulling motion that seemed so effortless. The second time around I saw your hands packing it in, like putting a bandage on this area of this same man who was across the circle from me..."

Anonymous in Bellingham, WA

When I return the week of July 11, I'll be going into Phase Two of my cleansing as I keep hearing to get healthier and be a stronger vessel for pure Source! This feels vital and I'm doing what I can to not just coax us all to take better care of one another, but to dynamically work with you so together we reboot for all our new spiritual and earthly adventures -- to honor these flesh and soul temples for the work we all came here to do.

Many not only need to rethink diets, but the best kind of exercise. Yes, the rampage of love is on, and we all are learning to be gentle with all our curves as we soften our hearts and make peace with our bodies, but if these curves are filled with hidden or unchecked toxins - toxins that make us hurt or keep us in pain -- we need to wake up, cleanse, and reboot the system because for many it's simply not getting better on its own. We need TLC -- Tender Loving Change as much as Tender Loving Care starting now. Don't you agree?

I'm watching this keenly with those who are recovering from manmade dis-eases like Lyme, Epstein-Barr, gluten-intolerance, environmental sensitivities, swelling, and the like, and I am seeing how quickly the body is triggered to pain or emotional flare-ups when the wrong foods and drinks are ingested.

Please check out the Healthy Links on our website where three options for cleansing are offered or consider a cleanse of your own. Do the research, talk to your medical advisers, and see what feels right for you.

I'll be doing another Purium 10 Day Transformational Cleanse (on less that I'd normally spend per day on food by far), the Athletes one this time since I like the idea of being a Spiritual Athlete, and Suzi will be doing her 30 Day doTerra Cleanse, too, with great love and no change to her already healthy, clean diet and then, you can, and are ALSO INVITED TO JOIN US finally, to...(and I'm ready now because of the awesome donation of our Angel...thank you...drumroll...)

......a new ZOOM'ed Dancing Hands/Healthy Mind/Body/Spirit Series -- This series will be Five Consecutive Sessions Every Other Day of 30 min. BEGINNING JULY 12, 2016. (7/12, 7/14, 7/16, 7/18, and 7/20)

With the intention to reboot for health and bliss, I'll be doing 30 min. dancing hands sessions to compliment and support any and all who wish to connect with pure Source here - cleansing or not. If physically able, I'll ask you to get up and dance with me. If not physically able, please dance with your arms, or your fingers, or your eyes, and your heart as you can.​

This, like all sessions, will be spiritually connected and pure Source led, so we may stretch, groove, and move in graceful or even goofy, joyful ways - much like the dancing hands circle -- but for all intentions we will be moving towards joy and ease in these awesome vessels of divinely bestowed gifts to experience a blissfully healthy life more completely.

Words transcribed from a live Skype session with New Zealand:

John Doe UI/UX Designer

"As soon as I found out about you from Kristi Walsh's radio show and then saw on your website what you said to the newscaster on Good Day Sacramento I knew I had to book a session right away... even 30 min. before our session I began feeling the energy and ... what? Can it be? can be so instantaneous -- my back feels so completely pain, no constriction... And your hands - my head may not understand, but my whole being knows this (dancing mudra) language. It feels like a sacred initiation... And I finally feel here ... beautifully and deeply rooted in this body on Earth... Oh, we will dance again."

Dr.Tim Warren, Rhode Island 1.20.16

Author, (Lessons from Everest), Chiropractor, Coach, Teacher, Wellness Advocate, World-Class Mountaineer

Some people are tapped into different energy. Jane Sibbett is one of them. I found this out personally as I was experiencing an acute flare up of a painful spine condition I have had for years. After 20 minutes of working with Jane I was 50% better. The next morning I was 70% better and have been stable in the month since. Amazing to me, but was more amazing was she simultaneously identified a key component of my newest book, confirming to me this principals power and importance. All without any prompting from me.