Swimming with the Whales by Day and Dancing under the Stars by Night - 
Retreat in the Kingdom of Tonga

This journey to Tonga to swim with the majestic Humpback whales is the trip of a lifetime!

(stay tuned for the upcoming announcement of our dates for 2019)


  • Floating in the water, with the song of the whales vibrating throughout your body
  • Feeling your heart pound as a mama whale or brand new baby come close to check you out
  • Watching from the boat as the males power through the water, racing their opponents to mate
There is no better place on earth to enjoy getting up close and personal with the Humpback whales than Tonga.  Here, in the magical South Seas we invite you to go deep.

Why are these whales so special?

There is deep wisdom here. Many of us believe that the humpback whales are the ancient wisdom keepers of the planet. It’s as if they hold records of all that has been, all that is, and all that will be, within their beings.

"In Native teachings whales are metaphorically described as swimming libraries. It is believed that within the vast intellect of whale is held the Akashic Records containing all knowledge and experience in the history of all life. Whales are honored as the Record Keepers of the cosmos. Their strange song rings a knowing of astral realms and elemental depths beyond our comprehension. They are an audible reflection of the cosmos, dreaming and awake at once."    ~Jess Hagen

So many of us are fascinated by the whales and drawn to be close to them. Not everyone knows why. It’s a calling from deep within, our own place of wisdom and knowing. The scientists have proven that the whales are phenomenal communicators, and researchers have recorded their songs as they connect with each other through their song, over thousands of miles. They remind us to connect from our hearts, to the hearts of others, even over long distances.

The sounds the whales are quite varied, and always extraordinary. Ironically, they can sound like cows, cars, creaky ships, sirens and rowdy teens. Their low frequency vibrations start can be felt very deeply, at soul level, and also physically, whilst we’re in the water with them.

No matter what your belief system, you will surely come away changed – forever!

Where in the world are we going?

Tonga is located just north of New Zealand, and east of Fiji.

It is one of the rare places on the planet that allows very small groups to get in the water with the Humpback whales, as they come from their feeding grounds in Antarctica to Tonga to mate and/or give birth!

Our beach resort stay is for 7 days & 6 nights at the premier island beach resort in the beautiful Vava’u island group, north of Tongatapu. This is a spectacular opportunity! Many of us dream about staying on an island resort, and our resort is literally the only one on the island!

And each night you are invited to participate in a very special and very intimate Jane's Dancing Hands Circle under the Stars on the beach. No dancing required, but you may wish to, or you may simply be under the expanse of the spectacular night sky.


All delightful rooms enjoy views of the golden sand beach and crystal clear waters of the surrounding Pacific Ocean.

The food is delicious, and the restaurant caters to most dietary needs.

When you’re not on a boat connecting with the whales, you can choose to kick back & nap in a hammock, lie in the sun, or just enjoy the secluded beaches, turquoise water and peaceful surroundings.

What can I expect?

  • Day One everyone arrives on the available flights from Tongatapu. All are invited to acclimate and relax into the energy of the resort and we'll gather together the first evening over dinner to meet and chat about our week.
  • We will eat breakfast each day, together if you’d like, and prep for pick up at the dock at 9am by our private charter boat Captain & crew.
  • We’ll spend each of the four allotted days on the boat from approximately 9am to 3pm. If we are close to land, we will find a nice quiet bay to eat lunch and swim from the boat.
  • The whale adventures range greatly in terms of how much up close and personal contact we enjoy. Some days will be beyond your wildest dreams and other days we might see little of our cetacean friends. As always with our wild brethren, there are no guarantees. Time on the boat, even if we don't get the opportunity to get into the water, we can still have extraordinary close up encounters in the energy of the ocean, sky, and vibration of this place there is great peace.
  • The afternoons are free time to nap, journal, swim, snorkel, explore. At low tide you can walk and circumnavigate the entire island (proper shoe attire is recommended) to enjoy the coral garden, marine life, amazing caves, cliffs and rock formations that have been formed through time by the tides.
  • We will aim to have dinner together in the early evening. We will also allow time each night afterwards for connecting anew with purest Source energy and Pura Vida through another layer of soul expansive experience in an intimate Dancing Hands Circle with Jane and our retreat guests under the stars. Each of these each night sessions will be approximately an hour long with a little extra time to check in, integrate, share and deepen each day and experience.
  • The final day, will be the day you depart your island paradise. Depending on your schedule, the departure times will vary.
  • **Note that there are no boat trips, or any organized activities on Sundays. You can choose what to do on that day… perhaps take a kayak out with a friend, explore Treasure Island, or hang loose in the hammock, read or journal. You choose how you’d like to best enjoy your Sunday!  See "Special note about our resort"  at right for other options...


Every “Sunday” is “Tongan Cultural Day”  where guests at the resort may enjoy a day of experiencing the local culture. Our hosts at the resort will transfer everyone after breakfast to the neighboring island of Taunga we may enjoy a visit to the villages’ church and also enjoy the islands’ beauty. If desired, we will have the opportunity attend a service of the Wesleyan Church of Tonga and hear the amazing way the Tongan people sing. After church, we are invited on a walk of the island before transferring back with the other guests of the Treasure Island Resort. Back at the resort we will all enjoy a “Tongan Feast” where lunch will be served from an “Umu” (Tongan underground oven). During the evening we may also enjoy a Historical talk and learn about the Maritime achievements and History of these great navigators and their unique voyaging vessels.

(Coming Soon) Retreat Dates:
Week One:  

Week Two:  

If you wish to join us for two weeks, please email angel@janesdancinghands.com to find out about the additional activity (only available to our multi-week participants) you will be gifted!

Accommodations: You Will Be In A Private Room For Two, (Double Occupancy), Close To A Pristine White Sand, Beach And Palm Trees in this spectacular 5 star Eco-resort so exclusive it's the only accommodations on this gorgeous island.  As Such, It Is Unlikely That We Can Accommodate Any Single Occupancy Requests. There Might Be Availability For Triple or even four to fale (hut), So Please Feel Free To Ask.

The Cost of The Retreat Includes: 

  • Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner Are Included For Your 7 Day/6 Night Stay. There’s A Choice Of Fresh Seafood, Chicken, Meat And Fresh Local Veggies For Dinner. Vegetarian Menus Are Available, But Not Vegan. Gluten Free Is Possible With Your Menu Selections, Unless You Have Issues With Cross-Contamination.
  • [Note That There Are Not Many Snack Foods Available For In-Between Meals. If You Like To Snack, It Is Recommended You Bring Your Own Health Bars, Trail Mix Etc. Please Note That You Cannot Enter The Country With Any Fresh Fruits And Vegetables, But Wrapped And Packaged Goods Are Fine].
  • Accommodations (six nights at the resort are included). Additional nights may also be available, so please ask for pricing.
  • Four humpback whale swims (six hours/day for four days; fifth optional day, where possible for an additional $275). The whale swim days include a packed lunch for the boat, and plenty of water is provided.
  • five jane's  dancing hands quanta circles of no more than ten people on the sand, (or group approved site), under the stars each night after dinner.
  • Transfers to and from airport; group/retreat gatherings.

The cost of the retreat does not include:

  • Wine and cocktails. These are available from the bar, or with dinner, but are not included in the retreat fee.
  • Airfares. The cost of any/all flights into Tonga, Tongatapu (Nukualofa), are not covered by the retreat cost. The two airlines that typically fly from Honolulu or Los Angeles to Tonga are Air Pacific and Air New Zealand. You may choose to connect in Auckland, New Zealand, or Nadi in Fiji. You will fly into the main island of Tonga, Tongatapu (Nukualofa) and then on to Vava'u.

It is recommended to book your airfare right away, as the flights do fill up early. Please contact angel@janesdancinghands.com if you would like us to recommend a travel agent for airfare booking. 

  • Additional nights of accommodations and meals are not covered by the retreat fee. Depending on your flight arrival times into Nukualofa, you may find your connecting flight will be the following day. There are plenty of hotels to choose from in Nukualofa and surrounds, but much like the flights, they do fill up! (Please ask us about our recommendations, if you need additional nights).
  • Travelers Insurance: We strongly recommend travelers insurance, as the trip organizers are not responsible for any delays, missed connections, and hence, missed boat trips and days/nights at the resort. In most cases, the travel insurance must be purchased at the time of reserving your airline ticket.
  • Additional tips for the Captain and crew. We shall cover a reasonable tip, but please feel free to offer an additional tip, should you receive exceptional service. Note that tipping is not necessary in Tonga, but always appreciated!

***This trip is a very adventurous one! It is recommended for people that are experienced snorkelers and in good health***

Retreat Cost:
$3,980 per person (double occupancy)


Non-Refundable Deposit: non-Refundable Deposit Of $1990 Due Upon Registration To Hold Your Space, (As We Anticipate This Trip Will Fill Up). The Final Balance Of $1990 Is Due April 1st 2019

Cancellations: Your deposit Of $1990 Is Non-Refundable (Unless In The Case Of Cancellation, And We Can Fill Your Space - You Will Receive Your Deposit Back Minus $150 Credit Card Fees And Handling). There Are No Refunds If You Cancel After April 1st 2019, Unless We have a waiting list and Can Fill Your Space.

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With whom are we swimming and dancing?

Phillipa Leseberg

Phillipa was progressing up the corporate ladder for the first decade of her corporate career, starting in New Zealand, followed by chapters in the United Kingdom and Michigan. Just prior to taking a promotion and moving from the USA to Brussels, Belgium, she visited the Big Island of Hawaii for a third time to swim  with wild and free dolphins.

The Humpback whales had other ideas for Phillipa, and literally called her to stop what she was doing, jump from her corporate career, and move to the Big Island. On one gorgeous day in 2000, she found herself alone in a kayak, a couple miles from shore, floating still. Three humpback whales swam deep under the kayak, came up close by to breathe, and changed her life forever by reaching into her consciousness and starting a conversation.

Phillipa will share the full story with you one day, but as a result of this calling, she immediately jumped from her successful international corporate career, to follow her dream to swim with wild dolphins and hang with the whales in Hawaii.

Shortly after moving to the Big Island, she founded a swim with wild dolphins business, based in Kona. Over the next decade, Phillipa enjoyed facilitating magical, and often life-changing experiences for clients with the wild dolphins in their natural habitat.

Given that one cannot legally swim with whales in the USA, it was a natural progression for Phillipa to begin taking groups of adventurous and fun-loving people to the South Pacific Kingdom of Tonga. Phillipa has been swimming with the whales in Tonga on eight separate occasions and has introduced dozen different groups of awesome people to the world of the humpback whales.

So many people ask Phillipa what it is like to swim with the humpbacks, and it honestly a tough question for her to answer. But, just imagine this…imagine looking eye to eye with a baby humpback, and its Mom, or being surrounded by a pod of several whales, including young male escorts. Imagine the ancient whale sounds reverberating throughout your body. One can’t help but experience a different reality for a moment in time… and truly experience the “one-ness” of it all.

Phillipa currently lives in Washington state with her daughter, and keeps herself busy with a career at Microsoft, in conjunction with building a real estate and staging business! She visits the tropics to enjoy the sunshine and cetacean wildlife wherever, and whenever she can.

​**Read Phillipa's posts here soon as she describes her past adventures on her magical encounters with the Humpback whales.

Jane Sibbett

It occurred to Jane recently that this very Swimming with the Whales by Day, Dancing Under the Stars by Night journey was whispered 50 years ago to her as she lay for hours upon hours on her belly listening to the whale song on the hi-fi in the library of her island home in the San Francisco Bay. There, as a little girl, the seeds of their joined history were awakened in her.  Maybe you, too, are also remembering we made this date with destiny!

A longtime lover of ocean, lagoon, and bay waters as much as she is of ancient and sacred wisdom, Jane was first led, however, to co-create new worlds as a longtime actress in film and television in Hollywood, well before her evolution as a producer, writer, and director.

After 20 happy years in the entertainment business, Jane left with her family for a new life in Hawaii. Called to "write a fresh story of ancient times" from the Island of Hawaii, she was soon asked to return to produce a documentary and live events for a healer (who doesn't call himself a healer.) With a wonderful global team, Jane helped co-create events for more than a quarter of a million audience members a year for three years.

Assisting in producing documentaries and events for this and several other conduits of Source energy culminated into a wildly unexpected awakening of her own gift of the Dancing Hands. In the last two years, Jane has been blessed with more and more interactions with the miraculous, and the realization that the perfecting abilities of the soul simply are awaiting to reconnect fully with Source energy. Seeing, supporting and dancing with that potential in others brings only bliss.

Though this will be Jane's very first Humpback whale swims in this lifetime, (after many happy swims with the dolphins, manta rays, and Pilot whales in Hawaii), Jane feels as if the whale pods have been calling us all to swim back together in like-hearted community to receive the next layer of that which only the keepers of the sacred records can share.

While Jane's former and happy life as an actress, writer, producer, and director still rise from time to time, since the Dancing Hands burst forth in earnest in 2015 she has been ceaselessly crisscrossing the map to help others connect to their soul path of harmony, health and happiness through purest Source connection.

Jane's current dock is in Southern California with two of her three extraordinary children. When she became pregnant with her first child and she heard the name Tonga so much over and over in her head, she wondered if she needed to take the baby there.  It will be 26 years and one month that she will finally accept that call to keep her 50 year old date.  Let's see if the 26 year old "baby" joins us!

As the sun goes down and the stars rise we will invite a deepening of our experience from sea to shore to heart & soul

Wish to know more about the evolution of Jane's Dancing Hands and how they have been helping people awaken to their own gifts of intuition, self-healing, and harmonious connectivity to their best and highest good?

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