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What are people saying about

Jane's Dancing Hands?

Here you can read and listen to some who have recently enjoyed dancing hands sessions -- and sometimes get a little extra perspective of what Jane experiences in and around the sessions.  

While these are a small fraction of what we receive via email, texts, and through our social media links, we are doing our best to update every month and soon we will have it reorganized and cross referenced by key words, (i.e., Lyme Disease, cancer, chronic pain, emotional relief, etc.)  Now, however, you'll need to scroll down, starting with testimonials from live, private in-person dancing hands sessions, to live Dancing Hands Circles or Zoom Dancing Hands Circles, to Skype or phone private sessions, plus, even some testimonials which are from recorded media like radio broadcasts, or recorded live streaming, and even tiny video segments not created for any one person, but sent out "just to see if it may help."  

More, many feel the energy just reading the testimonials of transformation -- whether they have a similar imbalance or desire for the same change or not.  Try reading the words aloud and see if they make a difference to your spirit, as one might want to share a great bit of news with a friend.  You may be pleasantly surprised by what you can do here by simply opening your mind and heart to what may be!

From our past tours - Pure Source Energy flowing...

Do you feel something as you listen to this or when you watch Jane's hands dance?  Even if just possibility stirring?

What we've learned from scientist and master healer/teacher Dr. Gregori Grabovoi:

Sharing will solidify the information into reality. We all can make wishes but unless we can bring that into the physical world, it won't happen or last. Once you share, put it in writing, etc. then it becomes three dimensional and it will last.  

We thank everyone who shares from their heart here and everywhere we travel.  Your words have beautiful strength and light.

Do you ever wonder how people come to Jane's Dancing Hands Circles? Here is a letter we received just this week:

I first met Jane about a year ago in Sedona. Visiting the area for the first time, I was immediately drawn to her flier on the Sedona Chamber of commerce bulletin board. She was doing a Circle with children, and I was intrigued…loving dance, having worked with children most of my life, I wanted to see what magic she used.

I really had no idea what my friend and I were signing up for, but it was life changing. As Jane started to dance, I felt a kind of spiritual pride, that this woman was so “in her power” dancing…she was fearless in her expression…something I long to feel in myself…knowing the power is there, but not having the courage to share it or show it. (At least at that time, I am getting braver day by day!)

Jane greeted each of us individually as she danced with Spirit’s healing powers. When she came to me, I felt a little shy. She was so present... so joyful. There was an intimacy to the encounter that I was not expecting. She put two fingers on my sternum… an unexpected move. My heart has always been pretty open, so it was mildly disconcerting to have Spirit guide her in that direction. Within seconds I was sobbing. Jane/Spirit had touched my broken heart in a way I had not imagined possible. I would laugh, then cry and laugh and cry, moving through the pain into a place of celebration. It wasn’t until I got back to Ohio that I was really able to describe the feeling behind those tears. And that feeling I share with you now in great reverence for our journey as humans. The moment Jane put her hand on my heart, I felt that I was home, once again with like-minded people after a very long absence. I imagined myself as a Native American child, taken away from my family and culture for many years, finally being returned to the people and land I loved. I was seen and valued for who I was. Very powerful. Still brings tears to my eyes.

So, I just want to say thank you for the work that you do, for having the courage to put yourself out there. Thank you for touching my heart. I will work with you again soon, Sister of the Light.

Light and love, ​

Carol C.
Claudia in Roseville, CA.
Tammy in Rhode Island
Diane Myers, Newport, RI
Bernadette, Bethesda, Maryland
Lindy, RN, Newport, RI

Regarding the “circle” the impressions in my mind are very fresh indeed and just the thought of the thought has caused a wave of joy and a pulsing in my entire being… It was really something quite wonderful. I closed my eyes at the start, but soon realized I could receive so much more by looking at you. Whether hands up, down or swirling around, body swaying back and forth, dancing here and there in some kind of mad rush to take care of business as efficiently as possible.

Hurry on, there are things to fix, energies to take out, others to put in, large things that need removal, little things in the mind erased, a block, a negative thought pattern, wiped away…worries eased… instilled in its place a pure beam of light, cutting through layers of conditioning, forever changing a soul, giving a boost that could otherwise take years or even lifetimes…what is needed, where is the weakness, located with pinpoint precision, consolation, strength, courage, tenderness, a reassuring hug, an infusion of willpower, whatever it is, given, what would hinder or inhibit, pulled out…but so much more beyond what we can possibly understand, being humans of flesh in this dense world.

A glimpse of something huge but completely formless working through the human body at such immense scale… Wow… and I was witness to it and part of it as we all became one in that sacred circle. And what was given to one indeed was given to all. The most powerful memory is when you were pulling and pulling and pulling light from above and it appeared you were storing it in your body and when you were filled with it you flung it across the room to a woman directly in front of you, and I was part of that from the onset and as it hit her it also hit me and I made a huge jump from the energy and I laughed, because it was joy. But I knew something enormous happened there even before it actually did because in some way I was drawing down that light along with you.

The “private” session was so sublime…Heavenly, Holy, Intimate gift direct from God…

​For now I just want to say bless you dear one. I am very glad for you but also proud of what you have accomplished in such a short time. This work, as David and I see is so advanced but that you will soon become even more expedient with the energies.

With head held low and hands folded in a prayer…I am so happy you and Eric came...

All my love, Sheila in Washington

Here is a fresh testimonial from our April, 2017 events in Austin and Houston, TX

Jane's Dancing Hands' sacred connection

It’s challenging to give an inclusive account of the vast depth of my experience during Jane’s Dancing Hands circles.

They are beyond words, beyond the 3rd dimension, yet the experience grounds in our bodies, and accelerates potent rewiring, clearing and expansion on all realms and dimensions of being. My integration and assimilation after many circles continues to unfold, in ways that are unique to my evolution and have expanded my awareness and vitality in many ways. I feel an obvious acceleration in my ability to receive and trust the frequencies of higher intelligence coming through. It's as if a valve has opened wider and fortified my direct line to Source/Spirit/Mystery. The quality and quantity of energy intelligence coming and moving through me has increased exponentially and makes its way into my personal development, living meditation and dreamtime in very practical and useful ways.

Dense energies in the form of beliefs, patterns, emotional and mental blocks that would keep Source from flowing freely, have been transmuted, transformed. I notice shifts in my perception and feel so much more available for Source wisdom to flow through me. My intuition is stronger and clearer. My ability to astral travel lucidly (by choice), and see the subtle realms for the purpose of collective wellbeing has increased. Communion and useful messaging from my soul guides and Source has increased in volume and potency as well.

I have always been easily moved by Spirit in dance prayer, yet JDH has activated this form and function (for personal and collective healing) even more powerfully. Since working with Jane, I feel lit up with an undeniable clarity, a divine assignment that is evolving my sacred work in the world. What is also far out, literally, is that this assignment is grounded both practically in the Earth “world”, but also informed and integrates many dimensions and beings, on other worlds, and other planes. Cosmic, galactic inheritance. It has increased my awareness and calling to participate as a midwife to a collective evolutionary awakening of consciousness that restores humanity to its intergalactic community.

During circles, my body becomes activated and utilized as a living, moving, breathing prayer. Though unconventional, I experience my body as an offering that Source uses as a magic wand. I witness Jane's embodiment and transmission of unconditional love that moves through. I experience the energy Jane directs as unity consciousness, intergalactic information unique to each of us, Source energy, and universal wisdom. I experience my receptors and innate intelligence (as part of this unified field), light up, drink it in and immediately am moved as a conductor in the sacred space as well. In the process, I am deeply touched, remembered, strengthened, fueled. I laugh, cry, jump, flow, space swim, glide, and dance the divine. I know, it sounds weird. And though uncommon in mainstream reality, it is Real. And it is Natural.

In every circle, I am moved by the safety of the container, the vulnerability, tenderness and purity that holds us all. Jane asks us to be receptive, not work on others during circles, so I respect that fully while knowing that the expansion, circulation and acceleration in "my" field, naturally ignites a collective ripple of evolution in the shared field. Working with Jane has given me a palpable direct observation of the collective circle as one organism. I can feel how energy travels through our bodies, hands, spines, breath, sound, etc., and how we are all sharing the field of One Energy dance.

I have witnessed each participant receive mudras, sounds, energy, gazing which seems unique to them, between them and Source (not “Jane”). And then, I perceive that each being gets to integrate and assimilate however they are moved. I see vulnerability, receptivity, flowing love and trust in the space. The Divine child within each of us comes forward and drinks of unconditional love to satiation, reclaims its magic, voice and divine inheritance. It’s radical. But if one were to stay in their heads, in judgment or resistance, it could be easy to dismiss it. Though Jane’s humor, love and inclusiveness is so contagious and disarming, that more often than not, stuck energy moves, resistances and blockages clear and hearts open wide.

JDH has accelerated my inner study and tutorial on how to intentionally allow Source energy to activate, circulate and ground its force in life giving ways that naturally ignite the remembrance of wholeness, the reality of connection, in self and others. My awareness of seeing beyond the 5 senses, and bringing the unseen into the 3D realm has also been amplified in quality and quantity. Often, I lack words to describe this, because it is beyond words.

Others I know intimately feel this Source energy as heat and feel powerful physical manifestations. In my assimilation of the energy, I notice that my physical form is more robust, radiant and fortified. The grounding rod of my spine and body has been made stronger. The alignment and resonance I feel with Jane has further illuminated the calling to bring this form of sacred work and transmission onto a global platform. The volume, momentum and force have been turned WAY UP.

I love that Jane is so out of the box! Her dancing hands ignite our hearts and spines to come more alive in sacred space, joyfully allowing Source flow. During DHC i watch Jane gazing, emitting pure love, kindness, whooping, snapping, clapping, smiling, with mudras whirling, with music moving her in ecstasy!!! This is HOME to me!!! After the very first circle, I felt a veil lift off of a belief of having to make my work fit into the narrow constraints of the marketplace. I feel liberated from having to call what I do Art or Dance Therapy, or Movement Meditation, Ecstatic Dance facilitation, or Transformational Life Coaching. I don’t have to call it anything! I can drop identity and labels and let Source have me! That is all I am “doing” anyway, it is an improvisation of God force, emerging from the Unknown, and bigger than a conventional name can hold. I feel more free, empowered and capable to take my place humbly, as a natural leader in the transformation of consciousness. I am on fire to bring forth the dream that has always been dreaming me, in a wider, more potent way. I even feel free from “thinking” that I need to know the form its evolution will take. And, I see that that it takes every form, as it emanates from a fully embodied, awakened life of LOVE.

Gabriela Masala 
Austin, TX

This is one of our newest testimonials.  We are so grateful to hear the good news!

"...I was allowed to see a bit more here and there as God allowed. I did not intend to look or interfere. It is more like it was “shown” to me (during Jane's Dancing Hands Circle) that diseased parts of certain people’s organs were removed and healthy parts installed in their place. Brains and hearts seemed to be reinforced or fortified with strength; I saw cancer being pulled away with a gentle sweeping like pulling motion that seemed so effortless. The second time around I saw your hands packing it in, like putting a bandage on this area of this same man who was across the circle from me..."

Anonymous in Bellingham, WA
jdh healing water foot

The doctor amongst us confirmed my toe was broken. Despite the acute pain, I did see the amusing side of breaking a second toe on a second dash to rescue my second child from some posing danger. Ahh, parenthood. I do now appreciate the first breaking a few years before because had that not happened, I wouldn’t have the comparison to the miraculous events following breaking a toe in the company of Jane Sibbett.

​By the time Jane asked me to sit with her, my toe was constantly in pain, extremely sensitive when moved or held. I could not wiggle it, and was of course limping heavily to get there. She sat before me and stilled herself, holding her hands close to my foot. From my point of observation, all I saw was the intricate, purposeful movements of her hands and the delicacy with which she went about the engagement. A tangible warmth began to emanate from my foot to my leg. I was fascinated. During Jane’s work the pain in my toe abated and completely disappeared and I was left without any sensation in the broken toe. After some minutes of her hands and fingers working with intention in the air space around my foot, she asked me if I could wiggle it. To my great surprise, I could, and without any pain whatsoever. Beyond that, I was able to walk without a limp.

​The following day a friend, who did not know about the injury, gave my foot an enthusiastic scrunch as we sat together. I was expecting immense pain, but none came at all. I may not be able to explain, but am in deep gratitude to Jane and her ability to heal on that level.”​

Emily Electriciteh, Limon, Costa Rica 1.6.16​
sedona pano

When we were driving to Abdy from my place to 7 Centers (Jane worked on me from the backseat.) Because of the dryness in the desert, especially after the drive to Phoenix, my thumb was cracking. Jane sent energy to my thumb during the short trip to the Yoga Center and then I forgot all about it because the crack was healing beautifully. I had another crack like that a month later and it took 3 days to heal and only after I put a Band-aid on so the crack did not open. That proved that her dancing hands had sped up the healing process from 3 days to 3 minutes. I could feel the heat coming from her fingers, very soothing yet powerful. Thank you for the healing!

Monnie Ramsell, Sedona, AZ 11.11.15
Eric Lutes’ Testimonial of Awe – 1.11.16

But those hands? I like to think of myself as spiritual, yet I have a healthy amount of skepticism. We all want to believe in miracles, but when confronted face to face with them we do everything we can to dismiss them or explain them scientifically. But there was no way to dismiss this – absolutely none. I came a believer that morning.

Since then she has helped me with my chronic Lyme and joint pain, 35 years of chronic pain in my knee – now gone, my fairly intense nicotine addiction is now gone, and now I have a generally elevated sense of consciousness. There is now a serious reduction in anxiety and generally my energy is better. And one more thing…” To read more click: Dancing Hands

Eric has had an ongoing evolution with the Dancing Hands.  This is his most recent testimonial, captured in early March 2016.  Watch this and his others as they will soon appear on our media page.  

Dana Stevens screenwriter, "Safe Haven" "City of Angels," Pacific Palisades, CA

The miracle of working with Jane is not only relief from my chronic back and shoulder pain, a by-product of the gym and my profession as a writer — or the simple joy of being literally cured of a heavy cold a few days before a flight to Miami — it is the feeling she conveys to you that you are loved, that we can all be connected to a power of love and healing. The ball of warmth she leaves in your hands and your heart that you can keep recalling to continue your healing of mind and body. The first time I experienced her dancing hands, I felt the energy flowing from her to me so strongly that it made me dizzy. Jane’s gift is real, and as a skeptic, this surprised me. I was further surprised when a session together over Skype produced even stronger healing results. It’s as if once we established the connection, we could continue to mine it at any time. I highly recommend a session with Jane, for physical or emotional healing. It is an experience of spiritual energy, connection and love that will make you a believer and improve your life in ways you never even expected.

"I have known Jane for 35 years. During that time, we’ve been on an evolving spiritual journey together which would take several books to recount, so I won’t even try. Just know that we have experienced things together over the years that I would not have thought possible in my militant atheistic days of yore. In the past few years, I have witnessed her blossoming with Braco, deepening with Mas, discerning with Shavasti, and expanding with Abdy. Now, finally, the light that has always illuminated Jane from within is coming forth in a concentrated way, and she is able to harness and direct it in order to help people, which has always been a driving passion of hers. (My go-to description of Jane has always been: Jane wants to wrap her arms around the world and give it a great big hug).

My mother (the original Militant Atheist) had a stroke on March 10, 2015. Luckily, it wasn’t catastrophic. She can still walk and talk, her cognitive functions weren’t impaired (aside from some mild aphasia), and she is still able to live pretty independently, although she can no longer drive and writing with her right hand is quite difficult. From outward appearances she seems healthy and normal, which drives her mad because the entire right half of her body feels numb, like she slept on it too long. Every morning she wakes up expecting to feel normal again, and every morning she’s disappointed. After months of physical therapy and home exercises, she still hadn’t regained full function and she began spiraling into depression, which is not uncommon after a stroke. I did my best to keep her spirits up, but we all know how futile those types of external efforts can be.

Jane and I spoke shortly after her return from Abdy’s retreat in Costa Rica, and she asked about my mother. When I mentioned her poor state, Jane’s hands immediately began dancing over the phone and she asked if my mom would allow her to work on her. I was doubtful, but decided to ask anyway, and was surprised when she said, “Absolutely! At this point, I’ll try anything!” (A chink in the armor!)

Jane worked on my mom for about 90 fascinating minutes. My mom stood in her living room while Jane’s hands did their thing. In actuality, Jane’s entire body gets into the act, and it’s quite a thing to behold! I’m always amazed that Jane isn’t exhausted after a session because she’s moving non-stop, but she says that she’s energized by it. Jane’s mood was effervescent yet grounded, and her light, funny banter seemed to allow my mom to remain open to the experience. Jane zeroed in right away on her heart and spent quite a bit of time there, receiving information from the “Medical Board” about various issues (of which there are many—my poor mom!). Every time she asked my mom whether or not she felt anything, my mom always said no. About 20 minutes into the session, as she was working on my mom’s right arm, she said, “do you feel anything in your arm? Because I’m feeling something…” and almost immediately, my mom’s arm started moving around of its own accord. She looked at it, dumbfounded, and said, “I’m not doing that. This is so weird.” Her arm continued to move in all directions, and a while later, her right leg got into the act! It started stomping up and down pretty forcefully. Jane laughed her tinkling laugh and said, “Look at you, Leslie, it’s like you’re stamping your feet at a hoedown! Swing your partner!” All three of us laughed like mad. The energy in the room was unbelievable. After about 90 minutes, Jane concluded the session and gave my mom some advice for after-care (keep moving, drink a lot of water, exercise, etc). All that night and into the next day, my mom’s arm continued to gyrate periodically, which we both found to be pretty incredible. My mom had no idea how to explain it, but she didn’t seem to want to even try. If it helped her in her recovery, she’d take it. That is all.

The next night, my mom complained of a great deal of pain in her right leg, which was making it extremely difficult to walk. It was very unusual for her. I texted Jane and told her the problem. Jane responded that she’d be able to do some remote healing work in about ten minutes. As soon as I texted my thanks, my mom’s leg started moving forcefully as she lay on the couch, which lasted for about ten seconds. When it stopped, my mom looked at me and said, “the pain is gone. That’s so weird! It feels so much better!” Apparently, as soon as Jane became aware of the difficulty, her energy went to work! Jane said later that the impression she had been given of my mom’s painful leg was that there was a huge build-up of pressure, like a pimple that was just about to burst. Once it burst, the pressure was released almost immediately. My mom said that that was exactly how it felt.

My mom has had one additional session with Jane, and her progress has been slow and steady since then. Of course, it’s not the “miracle cure” my mom was hoping for (this from a lifelong atheist!), but I can definitely see improvements. Her writing is much better, she’s able to walk longer distances, and most importantly, her horrible depression seems to have lifted completely, which is a huge gift. I’m no longer worried about her state of mind, which had been weighing on me so powerfully before Jane worked on her. Periodically her arm will still move on its own, which my mother accepts as “Jane doing her thing.” Jane assured my mother that she has the ability to completely heal from her stroke, but it’s a process, and much of the work that Jane has done so far has been in laying the building blocks, planting the “bulbs” that will eventually sprout and take root, allowing new byways to form that will carry the neural impulses where they need to go. During the second session, Jane used a lot of really beautiful and powerful elemental imagery, conjuring wind and water, granite and bulb, rain and vine, which spoke deeply to my mother’s core. I found it incredibly moving to be in the room and witness the beautiful interaction between my lifelong friend and my beloved mother, connecting in a way that I never would have thought possible.

I know without a doubt that this is what Jane is meant to do, and that her gifts are real, powerful, and positive. If she can open the mind and heart of a lifelong atheist to the power of Source energy and the ability of the human body to heal itself, I can only imagine how potent her gifts will be with those who don’t have the built-in roadblocks that my mother has. I’ve loved watching Jane’s dancing hands evolve over the past several months, and I can’t wait to see where this journey takes her, and how many people she can help."

Valerie Spencer,  Actress,  Hollywood, CA March, 2016

Note from Jane: These pictures were sent to me by Martin, the coach of Romanian tennis pro Alex Dulgheru. As you can see they show her spectacular atheleticism in the Miami Open in March, 2016, just a week after the dancing hands had worked on both Alex's right wrist and her left knee.  I was invited to come to Indian Wells, CA to work on both Alex and her friend, Maddie, another wonderful athlete on the pro tennis circuit, where Maddie, Alex and hundreds of players were competing in the BNP Paribas Open, a tournament that many consider second only in the United States to the US Open. After overhearing how Maddie's skeptical father's horribly injured knee was finally pain-free immediately after a brief dancing hands session and literally for the first time since his motorcycle accident of 30 years ago, Alex shared with Maddie that she absolutely believed in energy work of this kind.  In fact, it was also well known among the players that one of the men in the circuit whom they both respected not only for his stellar rank, but his zen-like presence on the court, actually traveled with a healer, so Alex asked if she, too, could meet me, when I was to drive out from Los Angeles.  Alex, like Maddie and many tennis players, suffer through horrible, chronic pain from injuries, and also knew that the dancing hands couldn't hurt, so why not see?  As you can see here, Alex is doing great.  Scroll below for Alex's side of our story.

Romanian Tennis Pro

Here is Alex chillin' with her coach Martin between sets.

​This text came to Jane from Alex a couple of months later from her own busy tour.

5/9/16, 8:13:44 AM: I am Alex Dulgheru and I was very pleased to meet Jane for the first time at some family friends' home at Indian Wells back in March. I was playing the WTA tournament at that time and look... I happened to have some health issues and was glad for dear Jane to be there for a few days.  I did have some knowledge of what she is doing as I worked a bit with some other people in this area and I truly believe that the flow of energy exists and it can cure many issues. I was lucky to have her there at that time and the session with her was very relaxing, empowering... I could actually feel the flux of energy all through my body with hot and cold sensations.... and the best thing is that my knee and wrist issues actually got better and practicing the next days it was much better... no physical therapy, no medicine stuff -- just good energy that with vocation, talent focus and belief it can do wonders!  I could not believe that I could almost materialise the sensations of the energy that she was drawing in and out of me and the best thing of all is that my pain was almost gone in just one session.   Jane has talent and vocation, healing hands and mind -- she can do wonders!  I can't wait to meet her again live and soon!

From Jane: This picture below is immediately after the dancing hands worked on Alex.  She was thrilled there was no pain in her wrist or her knee.   Alex reported that her knee had wonderful flexibility, too, where normally it would take a lot of time and warming up to flex as much as it did instantly.  She was so happy that she asked if I could come with her on tour!  😉

At the end of the session, Alex's phenomenal coach, Martin come outside to check on her and retrieve her for practice. While he hadn't requested an appointment Jane could feel he was in a lot of pain.  She was shy about asking about the pain she could feel in his body, so Jane simply said, "Would you like a little dancing hands so that you can see what Alex just experienced?"  He was polite and also sweetly shy, but he said, "Yes."  The first thing Jane could see was how tired he was and he needed extra energy and so her hands got busy. Immediately he said that he felt much lighter.  Within 15 minutes he reported that all the pain he's had in his hips for years (maybe thirty - he couldn't remember),  was gone, his knee and back felt good and the neck pain he'd had so badly the past ten days, where he could hardly turn his neck had vanished.  He sent a voice message through What's App how happy they both were and that he will try to post soon, with Alex's testimonial.  Stay tuned.

THE MAN WHO SCALED MT. EVEREST - Note from Jane: When I first met Tim I knew only that he was a well respected chiropractor, that he was the first man from Rhode Island to scale Mt. Everest, and that this day his back was in huge pain – around a nine on a scale of one to ten, he said, as it had been for more than a week, and that he couldn’t sit without tremendous discomfort. While I’d been working on people of all kinds at this holiday party at the prompting of my friend who knew I wanted to work with people who had little or no experience with this sort of thing, and particularly people who had never met, nor knew of me, because of his profession I wanted to grant him a little more privacy so we slipped from the noise into a cool office at the side of the house.

Dr.Tim Warren, Rhode Island 1.20.16

Author, Lessons from Everest, Chiropractor, Coach, Teacher, Wellness Advocate, World-Class Mountaineer

Some people are tapped into different energy. Jane Sibbett is one of them. I found this out personally as I was experiencing an acute flare up of a painful spine condition I have had for years. After 20 minutes of working with Jane I was 50% better. The next morning I was 70% better and have been stable in the month since. Amazing to me, but what was more amazing was she simultaneously identified a key component of my newest book, confirming to me this principals power and importance. All without any prompting from me.

A little more of Jane’s perspective:

I wondered if it was going to be too cold for me in the room I’d chosen where I could afford Tim a little bit more privacy away from the party, even while knowing this Energy does tend to heat me up. I was mostly concerned that he would feel comfortable, and so about five minutes into the session I asked if he felt any sensation beyond the immediate and initial feeling he had in his heart chakra when my hands began to dance. He reported that he felt warmth in his chest around his heart and solar plexus. I noticed though my own body’s sensors he seemed especially warm and after about 15 minutes I asked him again about his warmth level. He said he still felt nicely warm, but nothing that was too much or uncomfortable. At this point, I went around to the back of him where my hands were leading me to dance and I noticed that his hair was beginning to get wet at the nape of his neck and that his shirt was wet with sweat along the spine. I asked once more if he was sure he felt comfortable and he confirmed that he felt normal. He was beginning to loosen up and reported that he felt the pain easing. Soon the back of his shirt was fairly soaked along the spine, but since he exhibited no discomfort as I worked I let it be. Our mutual friend came in and without saying a word I pointed to Tim's back to show him that “it” was working on him.

Soon after our friend exited to leave us in privacy and I came around the front where my hands began showing Tim a particular shape (I’ll let him identify this as you can see above it is a key component in his book and I don’t want to give anything away.) Over and over my hands were showing the shape and reforming it until I felt I had to mention it to him. I “heard” not only was this shape important to Tim, but that it would be an instrumental shape for his personal healing. I shared in may prove helpful for him to put his hands with that shape at the small of his back. I saw if he put in over his heart like a superhero icon, it would bring strength and almost superhero prowess in all fields, and that it was a key to healing. I said he should write it down. Draw it. Draw from it. Meditate on it. Even make a t-shirt of it. He then shared, with shock, that this shape was in fact the very shape he identified as a key component of his newest book, confirming to this principals power and importance. We both smiled. “Apparently you have the divine seal of approval on your hypothesis.” I said.

Bits of information like this along with the releasing of pain or disharmony in the body allows me to KNOW there is something much greater than what Jane can do here. This is coming straight from pure Source. I never would have known this.

As the session ended, Tim shared with me as he moved and twisted that he felt great! He could move and flex without pain. His shirt was still soaked at the back, but the super heating element of the dancing hands, at least for Dr. Tim Warren, seemed to do the trick. We bowed to one another, respect given to each for our collaboration with pure Source, and now I so look forward to reading his book!

I received this wonderful hand-written letter the day after I worked on another mother, this time an elder, and the tiny powerhouse of a longtime business associate:
Uri Terada Retired Supershero

Dear Jane, It was so nice of you to spend time with me on Monday. I want to thank you for the treatment in relieving the pain and worry I have been going through. I woke up on Tuesday morning after a comfortable rest and sleep on Monday night and told my daughter what a wonderful feeling — not waking up with any pain! My heartfelt appreciation for your time. May I see you again soon? My best, Uri"

Jane’s notes:  I didn’t know that Uri had taken a fall to the ground. I was called over for her hip was terribly sore, even two weeks later and when I arrived I heard that she’d been refusing pain pills from her doctor.  Worse, she couldn’t sleep.  I wasn’t sure she’d be open to this gift, but her daughter was at her wit’s end and said Uri was willing to try anything at this point that didn’t include medication.  She didn’t feel the energy right away, but she began to feel much more peaceful within five or ten minutes.  My hands worked on many other parts of her body before going to her left hip and after some time they began working on her shoulder her elbow, even her left knee.

I received the above note the next day and was asked to come right back the same week or the next if my schedule allowed.  Today was actually 12 days after our first visit and she was delighted to tell me that she still had no pain!  I asked her what we then may wish to work on and her daughter piped right in saying she’d like me to work on her eyes and told me the diagnosis, as well as saying that her mother couldn’t hear so there was no need to whisper the diagnosis.  I knew she was hard of hearing, but my heart tugged that there was something more.

I asked if I could put on some Taiko drumming and some Zen music after as there was something in me that said she’d like a little extra energy that she may not know was there.  She was very polite and said that that would be fine.  My hands began dancing and the flow was, as always instant and sweet, even with the pace of the drums. Her hip checked out beautifully as did most of her body.  I couldn’t feel any pain anywhere, but I could feel her fatigue. My hands fluttered to her left eye and soon after her ears and found something there that wished me to use pure Source’s eyes to see her perfection, her beautiful vision, her caring and careful life.  My hands pulsed with warmth and she murmured, “Hmm…” I asked how she felt and she said, “Peaceful,” then, “Thank you.  This is so nice.  I feel so relaxed.” Then right away my hands made the motions of pulling long rolls of cotton from her ears and eyes and arms.  And then I could hear with my inner ear,  “I’ve been worrying too much.  I always worry too much.”  It felt as if she’s been wrapping herself in cotton.  As I pulled the “cotton” out I could feel the anxiety of being a elderly Japanese American woman living in this political climate, (last night’s angry GOP debate had stirred the air), and how that lived in her cells as much as she might seem immune to the contrast of the fighting words and racial prejudices in a sleepy California town.  I could feel that she is a woman who prides herself on being an American and one born here, able-bodied, and not a burden to anyone.  But she had seen prejudice and what she really wanted was spring sunshine on her carefree, child-like heart again.  She wanted her place in the sun. And then I held her hands and looked into her clear, smiling eyes for more than five minutes, feeling love from pure Source pouring through my hands and into hers.  She accepted it, smiling back, and then finally when it felt like a ripe peach she thanked me and kept thanking me for my time, thanking me for helping her feel better.

When the session was complete and my hands when to my heart in their open Namaste heart fashion Uri said, “Everything feels great!  No more pain and I don’t feel any worry now.”  She proudly fished out a handmade stash of paper clipped together and showed me this triumph – years old and with her log meticulously printed marking the steps she takes each day now and has for years and was thrilled to say, “I’m taking 8000 steps a day now!”  FullSizeRender-2I half expected she’d show me her pedometer, but then I heard in my head that she counted them out.  “You count each step out, Uri?”  She laughed and said, “Yes.”  It was her meditation.  Then, “When my doctor checked me out last week and asked me how I am I told her, ‘I’m all better now because of Jane!'” She giggled shyly covering her mouth with her hand like the girl I saw in the spring sunshine and then spontaneously hugged me. I then asked her daughter how young Uri was because I figured at 8000 steps she must be about 75.  She told me Uri is 95!  Amazing.

Her daughter said, “We’d tried everything Jane.  This is really amazing.  She really feels better.  And she doesn’t like very many people either, Jane, but she likes you.  Thank you.

And truly, the gift that Uri gave me is priceless.  When’s the last time that you were able to hold the hands of a true 95 year old Japanese American Princess and see her giggle like a girl?  I am so deeply honored by Uri, her daughter, Janice, and pure Source which allows me to see her perfection and all who I dance with and to really know there is springtime, hope, sunshine, and peace in all of us!

​UPDATE ON URi - Coming soon!  We posted this on our Sparkling Circle Facebook page, and will transfer this here soon.

"A few weeks ago I had the distinct privilege of an amazing session with Jane and her gift.  Hurting, heart and body sick, I asked Jane to come to my home and share her “Dancing Hands” with me.

Jane’s loving and healing presence, her heart centered being was immediately apparent- and as we worked together, I opened as deeply as possible and things got lighter and lighter and more and more joyous. Jane’s Dancing Hands seemed to be all around me, dancing in waves of light- even as Jane’s body stood directly in front of me. Over an hour spent standing in the middle of my living room, felt like minutes, my body felt light, deeply relaxed to its very core.

Jane worked on energetic blockages and removed negative attachments- she spoke of things hidden, experiences I have never told another living soul, she was connected to my divinity and I to hers. It was extraordinary, exciting and deeply, deeply healing."

Michelle Prentiss

Wonder about the God link?  Here's a man of great faith speaking about how these Dancing Hands fits with his spirituality.

Conozco a Abdy Electriciteh hace 10 años y desde entonces he podido experimentar una transformación en mi vida y he sido testigo de la transformación de otras personas que han asistido a sus sesiones y encuentros en diferentes lugares del mundo. En este ultimo retiro que Abdy realizo en Costa Rica en diciembre, tuve la oportunidad de conocer a Jane Sibbett, una mujer muy dulce y con una gran disposición de permitir que sus manos danzarinas hagan lo que su alma dicta. Ella al igual que muchos de nosotros hemos experimentado esa transformación después de recibir le energía que emana de Abdy, en mi experiencia de entender que somos seres divinos intentando manifestar nuestra divinidad a través de nuestra humanidad. De poder entender que nuestro camino es retornar a nuestro corazón, de poder realmente encontrar y reconocer ese profundo amor y ver la divinidad y la perfección que cada uno somos. Y esto es lo que ve Jane cuando sus manos danzarinas empiezan a danzar alrededor de la persona. La perfección en ella y en cada uno.

​Participe en sus sesiones grupales y la energía de Jane y su alegría y vitalidad es contagiosa, bailando con todo su ser, recibiendo la energía y vibrando en ella, También recibí de ella dos sesiones individuales. Tuve una fractura en la rotula izquierda en septiembre y se me inflamo y me estaba doliendo, la primera sesión con Jane sentí como ella conectaba mi rodilla con la tierra para poder soltar la inflamación y mejorar el fluido sanguíneo, fue como mejorar esos síntomas agudos. La segunda sesión fue mucho mas especifica , era poder remover a nivel mental, emocional y energético memorias que estaban haciendo que mi movilidad estuviera estancada en estos niveles, fue una experiencia mucho mas profunda.

​Muchas gracias Jane por tu generosidad y tu alegría y que tus manos sigan danzando con la música de tu alma.

 And the same in English:

"I met Abdy Electriciteh 10 years ago and since then I have experienced a transformation in my life and I have witnessed the transformation of other people who have attended his sessions and meetings in different parts of the world..

I was part of her group sessions and Jane’s energy, vitality and joy is contagious — dancing with her whole being, receiving energy and vibrating with it. I also received two individual sessions. I fractured my  left kneecap last September and it was  swollen and  I was feeling pain. In this first session with Jane I felt how she connected my knee to the ground to release the inflammation and improve blood flow,  improving these acute symptoms. The second session was much more specific, I experienced  removing  mental, emotional and energetic  memories that were causing my mobility stiffness at these levels — it was a much deeper experience.

JDH - Olga dancing

Abdy had a retreat in Costa Rica in December/15 and I had the opportunity to meet Jane Sibbett, a very sweet woman and with a great willingness to allow their dancing hands do what her heart dictates. She, like many of us, have experienced this transformation after receiving the energy emanating from Abdy, in my experience, to understand that we are divine beings trying to express our divinity through our humanity. In order to understand that our journey is to return to our heart, to really find and recognize this deep love and be aware of our divinity and perfection in ourselves and others. And this is what Jane as her dancing hands are witnessing when her hands dance around the person — Perfection in herself and others.

I was part of her group sessions and Jane’s energy, vitality and joy is contagious — dancing with her whole being, receiving energy and vibrating with it. I also received two individual sessions. I fractured my left kneecap last September and it was swollen and I was feeling pain. In this first session with Jane I felt how she connected my knee to the ground to release the inflammation and improve blood flow, improving these acute symptoms. The second session was much more specific, I experienced removing mental, emotional and energetic memories that were causing my mobility stiffness at these levels — it was a much deeper experience.

​Jane thank you very much for your generosity and your joy and my wish is for your hands to keep dancing the music of your soul.

Dr. Olga Lucia Salinas
Bob Bruce Interior Designer

"I met Jane thru my best friend Eric Lutes. I had loved her work on Friends where she brought life to a character who was gay without any banners being flown to announce it. She was one of my favorite actors on the show for bringing humor & a voice to what some of society don’t understand or accept without letting it be a controversial subject.

As for her dancing hands, I believe with everything in my being that she has been given a gift. I had the pleasure of meeting her in person on a trip to Palm Springs for vacation in March & immediately knew she was special. From the moment she walked into the dinner theatre & I saw her eyes, I felt an intense light from within. That night she danced with me & I will never forget it.

We went to an after party where Jane danced with several other members of our dinner group. I watched intensely as she danced around them, totally immersed in her movements. My partner Bill was the most skeptical of the group & wanted to leave before I had a chance to spend time with Jane. Since it was the first night of our vacation, I didn’t want to make him stay or be uncomfortable. We stood up to say our goodbyes after she had finished dancing with someone & immediately her hands started fluttering in front of me. I hadn’t planned on it happening, although I wanted so desperately to experience it, and before I knew it, I was totally entranced in her dance. I had no idea how long she was dancing with me, but was told afterwards that I had fallen deeply into her spirit. Eric stood behind me, as from what I was told afterwards, I would have fallen backwards due to my deep connection. I know I felt an incredible warmth & tingling throughout my entire body. My mind was floating & I felt like someone else was in control. It was a magical feeling & I let myself go to experience the wonder of it all. I remember opening my eyes once to look at Jane & she had the most incredible smile of peace & happiness on her face that let me fall back into my floating. She told me when she had finished working with me that I would have the best nights sleep I'd ever had, and so would Bill. Bill woke me the next morning by telling me she was our new best friend. He said I didn't snore once during the night & that my breathing was regular throughout. When I got out of bed that next morning, all of my normal joint & back pains were gone. And my sinuses were completely clear. She has made a believer out of the most skeptical man I know & he’s asked me to please get the two of them together so he can experience what I have. The time I spent with Jane, & still feel even though apart, has made a huge change in my life. I’m open for whatever life has in store for me & greet everyday with a joyous abandon.

If you haven’t established a connection with Jane, for physical or emotional healing, I highly recommend you plan a session with her. It’s an experience of love & spiritual energy that will make you a believer & improve your life in ways you never expected."

What about Jane's Dancing Hands Circle? 

What do people feel in the Circle --

or even after the Dancing Hands Circle?

Tracey, a gifted intuitive & angel communicator speaks straight from the heart.

“Things are healing in me that I didn’t even have an awareness of or know needed healing. Shingles pain vanished, hand and foot cramping from low calcium vanished, and my energy went from feeling unplugged to feeling completely plugged into Source!! … A month following the Portland circle, I did a Skype session with Jane. More amazing healings ensued. A pain in my back vanished, calcification in my brain from the effects of a parathyroid tumor dissolved. My mental clarity is bright; I have a sense of optimism and enthusiasm that has been missing for a Very Long Time. Unresolved past wounds healed like wiping the blackboard clean so new things can be written… For the first time ever, I feel like I can heal… I’ve been in pain on many levels for 68 years!!! As I sit here and write this, I have NO pain. NONE!!!

My heart is full of gratitude for all that Jane has brought forth; I believe her gift can and will benefit everyone.”

Portland, OR

​ Here's what beloved Dr. Laurie Moore said after her first experience at Jane's Dancing Hands Circle.  We are so grateful to have her special insight after so many years enjoying her work!

Animal Sessions:

Intuitive Healings:

Human Readings & Coaching:

My (first) experience with Jane Sibbett April 9 2016. I have Clair cognizance or Clear knowing so the moment we met I felt her unbleivable sparkling rainbow of sparkling light energy, imagine a sparkler with a multitude of colored sparks. Later I was within a large Dancing Hands Circle with Jane I instantly felt my entire body opening and connecting with her light and energy connecting to Source, as soon as Jane’s hands started dancing I felt her energy flow through my body. My heart felt very calm within my chest like never before. My heart condition of Cardiomegaly disappeared with Jane’s Hands. My energy was dancing in my body. I also felt dancing energy flow through my body simultaneously with the Janes music. I could feel the powerful intention of light, joy and happiness from Jane. Thank you for this blessed experience, of your High Love and Light Energy Frequency you emits even brighter during her Dancing Hands Beautiful Being of Love and Joy!

Jim Miller
Folsom, CA                 
jdh joy circle -white template

My experience was only within a very large (Dancing Hands Circle) group. I instantly felt my heart opening and connecting to Source, as soon as Jane’s hands started dancing. My heart was beating fasting and felt tight within my chest before expanding outwards and up. My soul was dancing in my body and around. I also felt another dancing energy flow through my body simultaneously with the music. I could feel the powerful intention of joy and happiness from the group consciousness strongly. Thank you for this experience, Beautiful Being of Bliss and Joy!

Molly, Scotland

I have known Jane for years and have always loved her beautiful sparkly energy. Her energy frequency now, emits even brighter during her Dancing Hands sessions.

​While at a recent Dancing Hands session, I felt joyful youth as Jane and her hands danced among us. Innocent joy was shared not only between Jane and myself, her dancing hands united all of us who were present. I watched and felt, as even Jane’s physical appearance transformed to her 11 year-self, youthful and in full joy and I felt the same freedoms, not a worry in the world as Jane & her hands danced.

​Beyond the joy, I also experienced physical changes to pain I’ve had in my hip joints for years. The following morning, I was half-woken to witness a lucid dream. I watched as I lay on a bed with 4 Radiant Light Beings working on me. I didn’t feel anything, but knew these ‘Energy Surgeons’ were removing energy blocks in my hips. After rising, I realized nearly all the pain was gone. I love Jane’s energy and her Dancing Hands have great gifts to offer both spiritually and physically.

Chrissy V.

Chad Carver from Portland, Oregon shared notes in my notebook after the sessions:

  1. First session – Jane’s dancing hands simultaneously worked on me with another. Felt a deep sense of inwardness, clarity, and self forgiveness (of past issues.) Spontaneously received messages for Catherine and myself. Empty mind afterwards.
  2. Second session – Energy was stronger and different! Five participants this time (Three were standing and Catherine and I seated like we had the first time.) Felt like I was in a throbbing energetic bubble of deep cleanse. Sense of great peace.
  3. Third Session – 21 Participants standing in a circle — Felt the energy as soon as Jane started working on the first person. Energy was palpable and way stronger with more people. Less “deep,” but more “electric”. Felt an undeniable connection to the group, like a web.
  4. Sun LIGHT! Joy! Integration of all past sessions, plus more 21+ participants

The takeaway:

  1. Each session was distinctly different
  2. All had an underlying sense of peace and well-being
  3. Each time left with an empty mind (no chatter – clear and clean)

       “The first session felt like I was under the waterfall falling from Shiva’s head.”

Chad also sent this wonderful video sharing his experience:

Chad Carver, Portland

Jane’s notes: After each session in Costa Rica, Chad was so touched and so enthusiastic and he expressed that he not only wanted to experience the dancing hands again and again, but more, he continued dearly assuring me that I needed to be doing this work in the world. He was emphatic that this gift is not just for one on one sessions, but the bigger the group, he felt, the better. He had such a swell of intense bliss he was dancing and howling with joy and it wasn’t even New Year’s Eve revelry. He and Catherine riding the wave of the growth from two to five to 21+ people and more simultaneously were so super supportive I remain in greatest of gratitude. Namaste~ Jane

Are you interested in emotional support from pure Source?

Here’s another short video on Joy after her second of Jane’s Dancing Hands Circles:

Jane asked Joy if she'd like to have half a private session before a Dancing Hands Circle in the room and another at another time, but outside. It was Heaven on Earth time.

After the session on Ventura Beach Joy sent in another testimonial to the Sparkling Circle, Jane's Adventures with Shiny Life Continued Facebook.  Have a look.

Joy and Jane exchanged a lot of texts, FB posts, and an Instagram or two.  Here's a smattering of what was shared that same day and the day after:

Jane on Instagram: What an amazing, blissful day! Joy's longtime sciatica disappeared after a 30 min private session before the Dancing Hands Circle in Venice the weekend before last, so we went back for more outside yesterday. Bringing pure Source and Earth's engine together through heart and hands for beautiful restorative energies that we all can access easily. I love having dancing hands on the beach! Joy (the soul and the woman and the feeling!) was x 7 jillion and exponential as all the elemental energies of sand, sea, sky, Source, and sweet fire of love merged in this beautiful queen of her energy company! Metaphors abound.







JOY: Yes it was an awesome day and I was able to rest peacefully last night! heart Ok this is my last post but I was just thinking about how good it feels to no longer be in pain. I went to acupuncturist, chiropractors, and massage therapist for years and still walked away in pain. After a session with You my pain went away and has not returned since 3/26.

Yesterday was just amazing, everything was perfect from the ocean waves, to the sun shining on our skin. I felt completely free and walked away with a better sense of self. A different type of love and joy for life.

Jane Sibbett

thank you and I will be singing my tunes of Joy really soon.


“I contacted Jane recently to get help with my elderly mama before she died on August 2nd of 2016. I do healing work and transition work myself, but when it came to helping my mama I could not and needed help from someone like Jane Sibbett. As a familia we could sense that our mama was holding onto something. With lots of love and incredible listening skills as I shared what was going on, Jane assisted with my mama to help her let go. Two hours after the session my family member who is a medical doctor commented that mama had suddenly taken a turn and it was apparent to all of us that she was on her way to the new life. Thank you Jane for your friendship and the work you are doing.”

T. Martinez
New Mexico

What people say about



with Jane's Dancing Hands

picture by Robert Farthing

When Jane is in the space of pure Source Energy everything become perfect in the golden light. Picture by Robert Farthing

“When I first heard about Jane’s Dancing Hands, I felt the kind of pull that I get when I know there’s something there for me to explore and experience. The Joy of Jane’s Dancing Hands is Magnificent, Deep and Juicy!!! I have now done a number of Zoom sessions as well as the live circle, and my experience is that the energy from a remote session is equally powerful as an in person event. (That being said, if you can get to live event, GO!!!) My beloved aging dog has been present for many of the Dancing Hands Zoom sessions, and it’s hard to tell she’s 14 years old to see her racing around the house now with so much energy. The recent Facebook Live beach session evoked such a strong feeling of my heart expanding in Love that I thought I would burst. It is such a brilliant gift of Light Jane brings, and the lives she’s already touched is just a start. Imagine what our world will look like when the Source energy flows freely through all of us and we can all see each other as the Light that We Are!!!”

Anita Hyatt
Portland, OR

Wow.  Wow!  This is just ... wow... a miracle... "


I had a knock to reach out to D. because she had always been a beacon of shining light for me through the years. Her smile, her light, her perseverance from her wheelchair has long been inspirational. Via Facebook I checked in with her and found out she was going in for a stay in a physical rehab facility so we conversed about a dancing hands session maybe later for support, but meanwhile she elected to try the Zoom Cleansing sessions from the hospital. Then, when I saw that she wasn’t able to make the Zoom sessions after all, I felt compelled to reach out to see if she was okay. She texted me back that, no, she was doing badly. Feeling the steel of her pain in my heart as I read her message I asked if I could squeeze her into my appointments the next day. She typed back PLEASE.

When I called her in the hospital the next day I could barely understand her for pain was so terrible. She said she had something that sounded like “tri-genital” something or another that I couldn’t understand. Instead of pressing for clarification I asked what was her pain level on a scale of one to ten. “Ten. Plus.” From a woman who has bravely persevered through pain so long, I knew there was no time to press. It didn’t matter what I “knew.” God/Pure Source had this. I told her we don’t need to talk anymore, that my hands were already dancing, “Let’s see what we can do,” and she breathed back, “Yes.”

From here in my home my hands danced over her heart as they do when seeming to read over charts. I don’t see what’s inside these records, I’m not reading anyone’s diary, but my hands always seem to assess, to tune into the frequencies and know where to go next.

If you’ve not heard me say this, when asked what I see I answer, “Perfection.” I look through what I somethings call "God’s Goggles." You are perfect. Everyone is perfect, but sometimes our cells, our bones and/or pain don’t feel perfect. My hands go to anything that feels off or is asking for special support.

I asked in my mind if it was truly “genital” related, knowing the answer before I asked, and although my hands danced down over the pelvic region to honor my ask, they quickly danced right back and straight up to the head. I could feel the cool blue of what I liken to anesthesia to begin to dissolve pain. They danced faster than I’ve felt them dance before. I won’t describe all they next did, but suffice to say that I wished I had a camera so I, too, could take it all in. They worked steadily, quickly, with assurance.

I felt an inner knock to look at my phone to see how many minutes into the session we were and to check in with her. It was 16:34, approximately 15 minutes into the session, if you account for the 1:34 that I spent asking her what was up and finding her pain level was a ten. Plus. “How ya doin’?” I asked.

It felt too soon to ask, but when I get that knock to ask, I am compelled to comply. “You okay over there? How’s your pain now? Any better?”

“Well, I’d have to talk in order to assess.” I could feel her startle a bit before she said, “Wow. I just … I am talking … wow.”

My hands kept dancing. “What’s your pain level? You okay?”

“Wow. It’s a … I don’t know… this is amazing… it’s a three.”

“A three?” I asked surprised. I was thinking I’d be happy with a seven. Lucky for an eight, but she repeated.

“Yes. A three.”

“Well, we’re moving in the right direction then,” I said. “Can you take a sip of water? It seems you might need or like even a small sip.”

She explained that she’d not eaten or had anything to drink in the four days she’d been at a level ten while in the hospital. I worried that maybe she should be assessed by her OT first before attempting then, but she calmly replied, “I’ll try.”

I could feel it soothing her parched throat. The elemental soothing of water filled her being, I felt from my side. She delighted. “I just did!”

I could hear her going back for more as my hands danced with the water and continued on. I imagined at the very least the element of water giving her all the fluid her body so very much needed to whether she drank a whole cup or the whole pitcher.

“I’m still dancing here so I’m going to be quiet and keep working,” I said softly.

I could hear her still marveling, and going back for more water, . She explained more about trigeminal neuralgia and that it was amazing that she could talk now. It’s akin to hammers smashing against your skull, but from the inside. Those who measure pain say that it’s of the worst kind of unrelenting pain there is in the world. I told her that with pure Source everything and anything is possible, reassuring myself as much as her as my hands continued to fly, moving deftly again until I received another inner knock. I looked at the timer on my phone again. It was 30 minutes exactly from the time we started. Someone had far better timing than I. “How’s your pain now?” I asked.

“Wow,” she said and repeated wow many, many times. “This is a miracle. This is a miracle! It’s a one. I can barely feel any pain.” The hands felt a zero would be possible, I suppose, so onward they flew.

I kept dancing. At 45 minutes to the second after the time we began I was nudged to look at the timer again on my phone. “And how are you doing now? What’s your pain level?”

There was an emotional pause. I felt a welling in my own eyes and throat. I worried that she’d slid backwards. Jane really needs to step aside. Jane’s emotion and worry isn’t helpful. D. answered, “Zero. I have no more pain.”

It makes me cry right now again to even type this. She said she wanted to immediately call in her nurses and doctors and to have this documented in her charts. She’d been in level 10 plus pain for 4 days and within 45 minutes of our start the pain was gone and she was able to drink and talk and even laugh again. I said about a million prayers of thanks to pure Source/God for allowing this flow into this dear woman who has suffered so much and thanked her for her trust.”

And now her side:

“Trigeminal neuralgia is a chronic pain condition that affects the trigeminal nerve, which carries sensation from your face to your brain. If you have trigeminal neuralgia, even mild Trigeminal, Trigeminal of your face or inside your mouth — such as from brushing your teeth, chewing, swallowing, or putting on makeup — may trigger a jolt of excruciating pain.

You may initially experience short, mild attacks. But trigeminal neuralgia can progress and cause longer, more-frequent bouts of searing pain. Trigeminal neuralgia affects women more often than men, and it’s more likely to occur in people who are older than 50.

I was diagnosed twenty years ago and my attacks have become longer with more searing pain. On one of the days when I have one of these horrific attacks I call Jane. I met Jane during her Braco years and we’ve stayed connected. On this day, I feel truly blessed to be connected to her. We schedule our appointment and as soon as we connect, her dancing hands go to work.

What is unusual about this session, however, is that I can’t feel her working in the area of the trigeminal nerve. Jane is one of few healers who I’ve worked with who can target the energy from her dancing hands to the area of the body she’s working on. This time I worry she may have missed the body part. Later she will explain to me why she shifted her strategy with the trigeminal nerve.

We finish our session. I wait an hour and dinner is ready. I decide to test the Trigeminal nerve by chewing and swallowing to see if it triggers excruciating pain.

There is none. This is from one session only. After dinner I discover there was an additional bonus in this healing session. My toes on my left foot are moving without any assistance for the first time in eight years. Jane’s dancing hands have done it once again. Jane is the quantum healer. Jane’s gift comes directly from the Source.”

~ Grateful from California 7.27.16

So. Cal

Do you want to see the result of Jane's Dancing Hands? Here it is. Natesh had a stroke last week while he was in California. He drove back to Sedona very late Friday and woke up the next morning with slurred speech, losing control of his legs, had balance issues, and ended up in the ER and later the hospital. He also experienced impaired eye hand coordination and couldn't bend nor tilt his head to drink or he would fall backwards. He could not even pull the blankets up. It was fairly obvious that the stroke had affected the left side of his body. He asked me to bring his guitar to the hospital, but to his dismay he could not even hold a chord with his left hand. Forget about playing and singing at that point. Doctors were running tests and conducting MRI to find out what is causing his symptoms. They didn't discover the stroke until they saw it in the MRI.  

Jane started working on us Monday while more procedures were still being scheduled. Tuesday, we had another session with Jane. Wednesday they discharged him to Rehab. While many stay in stroke rehab for a week or two, Natesh stayed in only three days.

Since the Dancing Hands concept is so new and Jane comes across so many questions that she may not yet have time or an answer for, I will try to help a little bit by sharing our experience.

So if you ask what exactly is dancing hands? Well, just sit back and relax and experience the jolts of energy coming to you from Jane's hand in various mudra position. You can choose to move along with the energy, to sit still and close your eyes and relax or even sleep. It is no difference from someone doing Reiki or other forms of energy work. Jane can do it long distance or in person. She does not need to touch any part of you. If you like to have music, Jane can do it with music. If you prefer the silence, you can have the silence. Both are equally effective.

What about you already are doing other forms of healing work? Well, it's your choice. There is no side-effect nor conflict with Dancing Hands. Natesh has been and still is receiving all kinds of healing, gazing, prayers, mantras, Reiki, etc. from healers around the world. If someone is hungry and one offers him bread, the other offers him fruit, and another offer him soup, it's all good. You will know, you can feel it and it feels yummy and good.

How do we know that Dancing Hands helped and not from the others? Because we both felt better during and after the Dancing Hands. The others helped too. Not need to reject anything. If you are thirsty, someone offering you water, it is good. If someone else offers you a cup of tea, drink it too. It will not dilute the effect of the water you drank earlier. Jane did this completely out of love. She came from a place totally in service offering herself as a pure channel for whatever to come through, shine through. There is no need to fear any mixing of energy. What is shining through comes directly from what she called source, while others called Creator. For us, we would simply call it Pure Love. Yes, we think that suits it the best!"

M. Ramsell Sedona, AZ

Jane's response:  I felt that something was amiss even in the days leading up to this stroke event and wanted to reach out all weekend to Natesh's wife, but I thought it was just a personal knock so definitely this was a reminder to listen to your inner knocks and whispers. I finally sent a message to Monnie. (It's getting noisier in here, to be sure!) I wanted to know how they were and it was then she told me they were in the ER. I asked if he'd allow me to work on him asap. They agreed.

Knowing Natesh's wife is very well versed in and they are both surrounded by many in the healing arts, soon after I lifted the dancing hands I said, "As you know, this (Natesh's healing) is so important, so please, don't hold back while I work.  Please bring on every bit of your own healing work as you are led, and let's do this together (from the heart.)" Goodness knows, especially with something like this, there is no time for proprietary silliness -- all our collective work is coming from purest Source for the highest and best good so let's make light work and blend what we feel is the greatest allowing of positive flow for harmony and health. It felt imperative that we dive in right away, like a team of doctors and nurses working on various parts of the trauma presenting itself, and I'm so happy we could together! Go God Squad! I was so happy to have Monnie remark the next day that the nurses were so impressed by his speech improvement, just after the first session, let alone some of the motor skills that had been affected. I knew that the work was "taking" and he'd be fine soon, but I asked that they have another session as soon as the next day or the day after, depending upon the hospital schedule.  We were just learning the Zoom equipment so this was timely. I was set up for Natesh from the hospital and Monnie from home in Sedona, all connecting with me in LA.  While I couldn't figure out yet how to play the music for them yet, I could listen to some to give him a different kind of session, one that brought them both peace, and knowing that all was well. 

Update now just one month later, 7.25.16 From Monnie: "He is doing very well.  Almost no one can even tell he had a stroke."

The reason why I'm checking in with Monnie on this and not Natesh is that with an injury like this it is harder for the subject to have a clear bead on the injury and the recovery.  It was apparent to Natesh with such improvements like speech clearing and motor skills refining, but giggling or mood shifts are harder to keep in perspective.  I'm so glad that he's happy and healthy again and continuing to improve.  Thank you again, God Squad!  

Thank you so very much for the healing session with my mom! She immediately felt relief in her lungs and can breath more easily. She is amazed! Also she has been able to sleep better now that the pain/discomfort in her hip isn't as bothersome. These were the immediate affects. Also, she did see two angels with her during her session 🙂 … What meant a lot to her, also, was your affirmation that she had the strength and ability to handle what's in store for her. This has been troubling her the most, and she really needed to hear that she can do it. She was hoping you could work on my dad, too, but didn't know that she could ask for that. How grateful was she when you asked to bring him in, as if knowing that she wanted him in the session, too…”

Jill McG.

The energy you ‘transplanted’ into my energy field from your work is so intense I am still sort of dazed by it all. I just know that I feel better. I am also thankful beyond words. I feel that AT LAST there is a route to healing, and I have regained hope which was lost. Thank you beyond words. We are rocking new vibes of feeling good today …

…I am very much filled with hope. I feel better. That’s my bottom line. As my back strengthens and returns to equilibrium, even at my age, I am eager to get rockin’ again… (later) I am still feeling good and the heat you are pouring into my spine is electric at times. I am so grateful. I have not had to take a pain pill so far…

… I just have to say again, how much better I feel after your work on me over the past two days and today. I am counting on building upon that solid foundation of bone strengthening, and repatterning the biophysical electromagnetic energy that you are doing. Mucho gratitude. Mucho!

​…I feel so much better, Jane, I haven’t the words. (never doubt that it’s rare, and I refill quickly!) So grateful. Truly. So much less pain. I am almost giddy from relief.Love you!


Jane Sibbett saved my friend's life yesterday. Yes, it's true. My 86 year-old friend Bernadette was not in good shape when I talked to her a couple of days ago. She had gotten some bad news about her heart leaking, calcification in the arteries and scarring in the lungs. She could hardly talk to me on the phone and when she did she sounded terrible. She was slurring her words as if she was drunk and breathing very heavily. She had had a session with a medical medium earlier who told her what was going on and then suggested some supplement from New Zealand, which she promptly order for several hundred dollars!!!

So she was hesitant making another appointment with Jane even though Jane had worked on her last month and she felt great afterwards.

I got in touch with Jane and she said that she could do a private session on the phone the very next day. The morning of her appointment I called Bernadette to check in on her and she was sounding even worse than the day before. Then it was time for Jane's Zoom session and Bernadette joined us on the phone to be in the energy. And she had her session shortly after that. I called her a couple hours after that. It was unbelievable!!! She sounded great! Like really great! Tired, but normal and her old self again. It was a complete turn around.

No more huffing and puffing and no slurry words. She was tired like anyone would be after surgery, which is what happened. Jane performed psychic surgery on her, patched up her heart, and did a bunch of other adjustments.

After her alternative doctor, and her heart specialist told her there's nothing they can do, because she's too old (86) and in bad shape for heart surgery. Instead, after a session with Jane, she's feeling like all that is behind her. She wasn't afraid of death, but afraid of going into coma and having to be taken to a hospice situation.

She's going to need a follow up visit with Jane again and all of this was offered as a gift!!!

Jane is a beautiful open channel for the light of Pure Source to come through. I'm so thankful to know her and have her in my life. She's an angel walking amongst us, working with such beauty and humility. This incident has made me appreciate and love her even more.

~July 15, 2016 Letter reprinted from our Sparkling Circle Facebook page​

Parastoo Nasr
Bethesda, MD

The following testimonial is the other side of the story which I shared in my April 29, 2016 blog here on - This powerful talkstory comes from a beloved kapuna (elder) on a sister island who through the years has given me such inspiration and deep wisdom with her sparkling gift of aloha.  I was so honored to be allowed to open my hands to her journey and see how magnificent she truly is. 

Mahalo nui loa for your eyes and heart as you open up to this sweet, sweet dance of pure Source... ~Jane

Mama Aina 

Aloha…just wanted to share my Skype session with Jane’s Dancing Hands on April 26, 2016.

After sharing our ALOHAs and a little talk story time, sistah asked me, “What do you want?" I told her that I want to go out into the Aina (Earth) again and not be confined to a cave. We talked about my near death in 2015 because of Stage 4 liver disease, caused by rare Hep “B”, which is why I can spend only a certain amount of time out in the sun. I am feeling better and the doctors are amazed that my health improved so quickly. As we spoke I shared that although I am healing myself and feeling better there is still something I cannot fix on my own and I need help. I just do not know what it is and I can feel it.

When Jane asked for a specific place that I wanted her to focus on, I said, “No… just go with the flow, spirit, mind and body”. As soon as her hands snapped and clapped I was moving. Then I heard the words, “Let Go”. Immediately a surge of energy swirled around, up, down and through not only my body but my entire home. Arms swinging at a speed that threw my ring off my fingers, arms reaching up to the skies, body turning, twisting with the rhythm of the drums and movement of the tree top that had got my eyes. I was dancing with nature.

I just kept moving throughout my home not realizing that I was out of the cam view. Dancing with the next rhythm of Jane’s claps, snaps and drumming on her table top. Leg stretching, lifting and a one point up against the walls climbing like a ninja.

As I continued dancing to the beat of Jane’s drumming, legs stomping on the ground in unison, I found myself in an ancient circle dancing with others, in the middle was a fire, sparks of flames soaring up to the heavens. It was a dance of healing.

I had settled down and danced my way back to the cams view. Instead of seeing Jane, I saw the most beautiful celestial being. My arms reached out to touch this beautiful sight. I sat there mesmerized. And began dancing again.

My dance settled quite a bit as I danced looking out into my patio which overlooks a beautiful mountain range, again I am dancing with nature and Jane’s rhythm.

We talked and Jane began asking me questions about a helicopter. It was a time in my life that I believed I had put aside, long forgotten. But my sweet sistah saw this. We were in Nam, we were ambushed and she jumped in front of me to take that bullet. Jane’s finger were holding something and she asked me what it was. It was a pendant that is used to heal people. I held it over her wounds to try and heal her. When Jane asked me what had happened to the pendant I told her that I threw it into the ocean. Then whose pendant am I holding? I told her that it was mine. Sistah explained to me that it was my friend’s destiny to save me. And now I must honor her and begin healing others and the Aina.

Next sistah put her hand on the area of the liver. When asked how I felt, for some reason my hands went to my rib cage. The right side of my ribs always protruded 2 inches out. Now it is even.

Sistah called on me (45 min. after the session) to see how I was doing. I shared that I not much of a crier, I have been crying for half hour. My body feels light and I cannot feel the ground when I walk, I am walking on some clouds or something. I told her that I would write about this, but, I just needed some time with this.

A few hours later I went to pick up my grandson. I heard the rhythm of the drums, the same rhythm Jane had shared. It was my grandson drumming and I went into my Dance of Joy. When my grandson eyes met mine, I could see that he knew and there was no need to talk.

My home and everyone else was so quiet and at peace with themselves that night. Could it be that Jane’s Dancing Hands extend beyond my personal need and unconditional love permeates throughout my home? We are all one, we are all connected.

I had the most peaceful sleep. However, the next day I was confronted with one situation after another. Without realizing what was going on I found myself stepping into a force of pure energy that was new to me. Solutions presented itself easily. People were smiling more and I walked throughout the day in a world that at one time I could only imagine, Paradise on Earth.

My Sweet Sistah Jane…. Mahalo Nui Loa, Mahalo Ke Akua!

To read the blog about which Jane wrote from her side of this session, please go to:

Mama Aina Pulamawai

Beautiful UPDATE on the above story 

...two days after

My Personal Journal (4/30/2016)

Prior to Skype session with Jane’s Dancing Hands, doctors were concerned that I may have uterine/ liver cancer. What can I say? I am gaining my health back and now this. Biopsies are not my favorite thing. The process is terrible. However, my personal concerns were diverted when Jane contacted me to do a Skype session with her, just planning a time/date had me dancing. The first biopsy results came back with bigger concerns.

I somehow planned my Skype session with Jane on the same morning that ultra sound and CT scans were schedule. Nevertheless I made it home on time and the Skype session was absolutely miraculous. The fact that the medical team were concern about this cancer problem did not exists anywhere in my being after the Skype session. I was enveloped in a golden bubble.

Two days later I am called in again to do another biopsy (Oh God). I stepped into an energy source that would carry me through all of this. I told my physician that I would make him a happy man and all of the testing results are going to be negative. His reply to me, “I just want you to be happy, you have been through enough.” Would you believe it a few days later…ALL test results came back NEGATIVE. No cancer cells whatsoever.

There is so much to share and it has not stopped for me. I wanted everyone to feel what I am feeling right now. That there is always Hope. All we need to do is open our hearts and minds, take the next step to pure Happiness and Unconditional Love.


​And then I receive one more text to clarify that we were hearing her correctly:

"I went in for followup exam earlier and the ultra sound showed an unusual mass so I had a biopsy done prior to our dancing hands session. The day of our dancing hands session they did another ultra sound to determine exactly where the mass is for a more accurate biopsy to be done. Two days after our session I was called in to do the biopsy and blood work up. The results came back quickly and the cancer free news was a celebration. Both my liver and uterus are healthy.​


Wonder what the kids think?  This page sent home from one keiki's teacher from a journal the day after a subsequent Dancing Hands session via Skype with Mama Aina a few days after she had a scary episode of excruciating pain   He is her 10-year old, especially gifted grandson, Dylan.  Reposted with his permission because he "wants the whole world to know." 

Dylan is especially gifted in his ability to see and perceive the world in ways most of us are unable to do.

FROM JANE: Thank you, Dylan for your gift of sight and your huge heart.  Sending you and your Grandma pure Source love and protection always and even more compassion for those who ache because they don't have people who recognize how specially cool they can be, too. You already are a great teacher and I know these challenges will only sharpen your gifts so one day soon we will all dance together side by side for a better, happier, healthier world. I'm so glad you are there to love and hug your Grandma and keep writing and expressing all that you see.  We honor you and celebrate who you are and are so grateful you are here in our hearts.  Peace and wildest aloha to you and your entire ohana.  

Mahalo nui Loa,

Aunty Jane

The session was amazing and impactful. The energy I felt was sooo intense at times and other times I felt so grounded and peaceful I felt like I could melt. At other times I felt like I was part of an ancient and crowded drum circle and I just wanted to drum all night – or go out and find myself a drum circle…

A few things I have noticed since the Skype session:

  • The main one is I have more trust in my body. I learned how to be with intense energy that in the past I would interpret as danger and would feel a lot of anxiety about it, but I learned it is just energy and to breathe and move with it. I have done that since.
  • The second is I feel better about myself. I experienced Source through you and a feeling of worthiness and being cared for in a pure way. I feel happy. Thank you so much.
  • Finally, the place on my back (bottom of cervical/top of thoracic) where my vertebrates hold very rigidly, working to keep my life more constant and unchanging, feels different. There is usually a bump there in my spine but that is much less pronounced.

I am curious to see what keeps unfolding.

Shelley Jones Beek, Carmel, CA

Feb 05, 2016 9:29pm Jane’s dancing hands worked without phone, Skype, chat, or face to face. Yes, distance doesn’t matter. I came down with high fever almost 102, shivering with chills and everywhere in my body was arching so bad. I was shaking so hard that I couldn’t even stay still. When Jane found out, she asked if she could dance. In less than half an hour, the fever dropped half a degree. Shivering and chills stopped. I went into deep sleep like being wrapped in a big cocoon of warmth. When I woke up, fever was all gone. What a blessing and what a gift! What an angel we have here! Such caring heart, such love she is giving to everyone. Many, many, many thanks, dear one!

M.R., AZ

Every ZOOM session thus far has been different. The pure source energy that flows through Jane is a never ending flow, so I step into the field of pure divine love with no expectation of what will happen. This mornings session was a 360 degree turn. I found myself sitting and my dance was with the rhythm of every breathe I took. I was dancing to my breathing if one can imagine such a thing. Deeper and deeper I went. Even in the darkness there is light, my own heart light became my beacon.

Today's session is a confirmation of a great shift that has occurred. To reach a personal sense of spiritual awareness prior to would take years. By opening our hearts to pure source which (at this time) is working through Jane's Dancing Hands, years become month, months become days, days become the time spent dancing.

Take care of one another, take care of yourself, drink a lot of water after dancing and consume foods with the highest vibration.

Mahalo Ke Akua



It’s been a week since my session, so here is my experience:

As the session started, I felt hot, then a strong need to stand up, then to begin moving around the room. This increased energy stayed through the session. I then began to feel energy moving through my body from the top down through my legs and feet. It was a very intense immersion in energy. You told me that in your seeing, you saw that I had a river to cross, that I had not yet been able to cross. I would find a way to cross. You had me use the drum over my midsection. I could feel the vibrations inside my body and my third chakra! This continued for a couple hours after the session had ended.

The next day I felt strangely cold and a little tired, but still positive and hopeful.

The next three days at work were unusually calm and peaceful – quite different from the normal day on the psych ward, where I am a nurse.

Then, a couple evenings ago, I had a huge insight and expansion of consciousness. I actually felt my consciousness was expanded. The insight was about something that I have been searching for an answer to for about thirty years.

This is the description:

When I was a young child, I would go into trance and speak with spirits, guides, do time travel, and visit other places. I was five years old and felt very alone in my family. One day, my father was speaking to me while I was in trance and I didn’t hear him. He gave me a severe punishment. From then on, I associated all experiences of psychic freedom, emotional expression, and metaphysics, with severe punishment. So for the rest of my life since then, I became physical world oriented, which meant a huge suppression of my self-expression. I also developed a huge problem with trust!

I realized all this a couple nights ago and now I get to live to different life, starting with baby steps, as I have not had experience with this new kind of life, one that incorporates trust of close relationships and feeling safe to self express.

Thanks so much for this big booster step, Jane. It has been a profound shift. I am still weak and tired, but hopeful and optimistic that I will be able to become stronger. If you ever start doing more of these, I am up for it!

Much love to you,

Liana, CO

I had a very powerful and beautiful session with Jane. Not only was she able to clear the awful allergy I was struggling with at that time, she also deeply connected with the essence of my being and brought forth one of my guide’s energy and presence, showering us both with the most amazing feeling of unconditional love and deep gratitude. I felt blessed from within in that moment, seeing and receiving the beauty of my own self, unconditional love pouring out of my heart like a fountain, a brilliant and powerful light emanating from every cell of my body embracing the world around me… Then Jane’s dancing hands created a specific shape in front of my eyes, vividly reminding me of a symbol that has played an important role in my life and that defines who I am. It was simply incredible…

Virginie Miramon, CA

Jane:  To clarify about the symbol she relates above which I was given during our session, I was shown a triangle, but it kept flipping and insisting I show her. Triangle up and triangle down. Up down up down up down so I finally had to show her and ask, “Does this mean anything to you?” Her eyes filled with tears and she answered, “Yes.” I added, “Source is saying you need to put this over your heart. Draw it or make your hands in this symbol. Or just feel it, but it will help.” She nodded. Much of our session, she said, was too intimate to articulate its depth or even fully write, but days later, after we returned to California she told me details of a book which magically arrived to her when she quite young, (21 or so?), but was spectacularly impactful to her spiritual evolution and she’d poured through the book first in her native French then had to read it again in English when she arrived in America. But she said she’d all but forgotten it — until it revealed itself in the dancing hands session.

On another occasion…

Jane: Because there was an emergency, I was traveling, and the need dire for the time, I sent an 11 second clip of dancing hands to a woman requesting a Dancing Hands session. Here is her response:

Oh , my gosh! I watched it and I feel it . Very powerful girl! Bea did AWESOME! Thank you! I am crying from what I felt just now. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xxxxx0000

Later she wrote this:

​I contacted Jane to do a “dancing hands treatment ” on my sister, Bea. She was really anxious and was a high risk for the surgery due to some other health issues. The surgery was shorter by about an hour! Afterwards, she only had to take one Tylenol and never had any swollen nose, black eye or complications or pain. Thank you, Jane!!! This was a big blessing.

I want to add that when I opened the video and saw Jane do the dancing hands treatment I could feel it course through my body as well. Beautiful and sincere work.​

Zara T.

After watching the Unwritten video at the top of the Event page we received this letter:

Pure childlike joy; uninhibited, filled with hope for the future, empowerment, miracles, breaking down barriers of all kinds… I sit in awe and gratitude for this precious present given so generously through you … as I write tears continue and a chill up my arms making me know it is truth, it is directly from God …

Sheila K., WA

After watching the 11 second clip:

Jane: When a friend texted me that she’d not be able to meet me at the Abdy event because of a debilitating migraine I sent her an 11 second clip of my dancing hands. A picture of this same day wearing a shag rug coat I’d slipped on in a freezing cold store in winter caused a mini frenzy of upset on my FB wall as it looked like fur — though I’ve never seen any animal look like this crazy white and black with monster 4” long shag fur, but because I didn’t want to upset anyone else I pulled it. Still I had this clip that my beau liked to use when he was feeling out of sorts as he said it gave him smoothing energy and I said, if she could get past the coat I’d send it to her. This is what she wrote back:

Oh thank you so much! Definitely helping…making me very sleepy, so going to catch some zzzz since I haven’t had restful sleep. What an amazing gift you have, Sweet Lady…

Then later…​

I so missed not seeing you and Abdy, but the headache is gone! I was just about to go to urgent care, but didn’t have to after your video. I will always be thankful having you in my life!​

Then later…​

Can’t wait for more…I noticed the movements seemed to mix something up and then the finger movements at the end seemed to send it on its way! This shift in me is so amazing…​

Kate Hooker, Phoenix, AZ

Jane! Jane! After your (Zoom Dancing Hands Live Stream) session this morning I noticed my hands werent shaking !!! DX recently by one MD with early Parkinsons----another MD with Essential (old age ) tremors. This evening I am still tremor free ! Gratitude----Gratitude. Thank you Beautiful One!"

Jan Gudgel

(The spontaneous Zoom Dancing Hands Session is)The joy I've been missing…I LOVE immersing myself in this Divine moment...experiencing healing through new creative expression and through love. It's such a gift... just know that I felt so much love during this session and although my life is amazing in so many ways, I've been healing lifetimes of "life is hard"......just recently. So this was of course no coincidence. And so beautiful to reconnect to my soul sisters Jane, Suzi and all of you here (soul family). Fyi - at first, I felt a bit uncomfortable (I tend to be uptight around dancing)...then relaxed and allowed. Buzzing in my head, releasing heat, joy and tears. Again, thank you, thank you. So much love.

L. Winston
S. California

This is my 2nd session - after the first session I received a burst of ecstatic energy that lasted for most of the day! During this session I became aware of how much I have been carrying my parents, (who are elderly and live nearby), and there was a beautiful release of overall heaviness and tears of relief and gratitude. I danced throughout and feel much lighter and freer. Thank you so much!!

L. Swisher

I wasn’t sure how I could go to work today or even if I could join the (Zoom Dancing Hands Cleanse) Session today, but I’m so glad I did – the pain in my back in all gone! Thank you, Jane. Now I have to go to work! 

Anita Hyatt


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