That was the question posed to me late December 2015 when introducing myself to a group of 64 healers

jdh rainforest pic

and helpers.  I was at a ten-day long Abdy Electriciteh retreat in the tropical rain forest of Costa Rica and I shyly said I didn’t know what to call what it was that I did.  All I could say was that my hands dance.  And that, uh… people often shared that somehow they felt… better.

“It still feels as if I’m watching a beautiful, surreal story of someone else.” 


I didn’t even know happenings like this really occurred.  Asked in 2009 first to co-produce a documentary on a healer, (who doesn’t call himself a healer), before going on to producing and presenting his live events, with a great global team we met nearly a quarter of a million people each year in the three and a half we worked together.  All over the world, I witnessed spectacular, miraculous, and formally unfathomable stories unfold. For the first time in my life, I saw a whole other layer of reality and more, I realized that which I’d considered the miraculous was everywhere.  It could happen in the middle of a busy family life — in a ball room, a bedroom, a boardroom, or anywhere.  I found that shifts connecting with true pure Source weren’t confined to the hushed hue of a ritualized church-like ceremony, but could happen anytime and anywhere, and did.

I’d worked with a few other men with very special gifts before in 2015, when I met and toured with Abdy Electriciteh.  Born into his gift, Abdy has a long history wowing souls — from the glitterati of Hollywood to thousands simultaneously in huge group sessions in South America — so in these seven years I have seen some of the best of the best up close.  But me?  Bringing forth help in an unusual way, too?  Really?

When people — even my own friends and family — relate how these dancing hands have helped them I still shake my head in wonder.  Even two years into this and counting, it all still feels like I’m watching the beautiful and surreal story of someone else … but here I am seeing the beauty and awe of it all, and feeling through these hands and this heart only the greatest honor and gratitude to be here in joyful dance.

I do not call myself a healer nor a psychic. My hands may snap, clap, and dance, or a song may sing through, but it is purest Source energy coming through doing “the work,” not I.

Because I come from a family of scientists, teachers, and doctors — people who love data and research to back their beliefs, I’ve even submitted this gift to scientific testing at Psy-Tek, a Subtle Energy Lab in Encinitas, CA.  After first establishing a baseline of my energy, and the energy of each client before and after I worked/danced hands with each person, the Psy-Tek team tested my energy again, more than eight hours later — after dancing with our new clients all day long, (with only a ten-minute break for water and few bites of  fruit.)  Psy-Tek found there was zero diminishing of my energy and each client showed improvement from their baseline statistics – some pretty radical.  These results concluded the energy simply went through me (from Source) to those with whom I was dancing.

I can’t and don’t compare myself to the long-standing conduits with rich histories in helping.  I’m just grateful that somehow, during a dance or in the wake of a session, harmonizing effects often actualize to such an extent now I am compelled — with love — to devote more of my time and heart helping others through these dancing hands.  If you’d like to hear from those who have been impacted, please go to our Testimonial pages.