This is the part that has been speaking to me always in tandem with purest Source energy since I was a child.  This is the elemental connection of God/Source/Holy Spirit/Creator/Goddess/Great Spirit/ke Akua/Divine as activated and made manifest in our natural realm — the way tides flow, how stars are held, the mystery of gravity, the pull of the natural realm to the light and more.  When my hands dance much of the imagery shared with me is from the natural realm.  Sometimes people have much of the same experiences during Dancing Hands sessions as I do, too.  People may smell jasmine or roses while I dance.  Sometimes together we feel a warm breeze lifting out cares or fresh waters wash our feet with love. Sometimes stars sparkle above. As we feel peace looking at the ocean, we may also feel waves of joy wash over us as we dance with heaven on earth within us all.  Source is in all and this connection with All-That-Is is keenly felt while the hands dance, encouraging us to also be our true nature.

On our ABOUT page, you can hear more about the evolution of my own radical healing with these dancing hands after I was hit squarely from behind in September 2015 in a huge hit and run car accident, totaling the car that smashed into me at high speed and leaving only a few scratches on my car and a smile in the liner of my intact bumper.  While my hands have been dancing in earnest since Abdy touched my forehead in May, 2015, it wasn’t until September 2015 that pure Source flashed brightly from within my Honda, and literally knocked my car, (and me), sixty feet forward to accept the miraculous once again.  After shaking me to the core, this event helped me see there was more at play here than even I imagined, and more, it showed me especially in how even more personally how I might help my fellow beings and this beautiful planet I love so much.