"Her hands heal. 

They are healing hands -

while they dance."

                                                                                         ~ Abdy


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Dancing hands?  What are Jane's Dancing Hands?

Jane: This question was posed to me late December 2015 when introducing myself to 64 healers

jdh rainforest pic
and helpers.  I was at a ten-day long Abdy Electriciteh retreat in the tropical rain forest of Costa Rica and I shyly said I didn’t know what to call what it was that I did.  All I could say was that my hands dance.  And that, uh… people often shared that somehow they felt… better.

“What do they do — these dancing hands?” a woman called out.  I blushed and stuttered not knowing how to explain the unexplainable and finally, Abdy shook his head, laughing a bit and simply answered for me, “Her hands heal.  They are healing hands — while they dance.”

My heart beat very quickly when I heard these words.

Really?  Did he really just say that?...(read more)

Read or watch the testimonials  and open up to greater possibilities beyond your imagining -- because we all feel better knowing we can feel better —  emotionally, physically, mentally, or spiritually. 

Is this really Source* coming through these Dancing Hands?

When I asked Abdy if was it pure, was it Source, was he sure, (though I know it feels beautiful and indescribably pure when it courses through my heart and dancing hands),  I wanted to know — did I need to do anything else?  Did anyone – myself or those who came forward — need protection or clarification?  What are the rules?  I was endless with my questions.  Gently and finally he said, “Trust this.  Yes, it’s pure Source. You don’t need to ask these questions.  It’s powerful … your dancing hands are very powerful. Get your website up, share, and do this.”

And Pura Vida?  What's this "pure Life" Jane talks about in Circles? 

Jane: This is the part that has been speaking to me always in tandem with purest Source energy since I was a child.  This is the elemental connection of God/Source/Holy Spirit/Creator/Goddess/Great Spirit/ke Akua/Divine as activated and made manifest in our natural realm -- the way tides flow, how stars are held, the mystery of gravity, the pull of the natural realm to the light and more.  (read more)

Are you ready to dance yourself to your happiest, healthiest, most connected self?

What's next? 

Updates and upgrades are ever-flowing and  ongoing. Tickets and more information are on our events page 

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 Do you also have a gift?  Jane is here in support of all gifts of the best and highest individual and collective good and weekly has a free online support sessions (when she's not away on tour) for those actively awakening to sacred voice, helping hands, and gifts of purest Source energy.  Write to jane@janesdancinghands.com if you have questions and could use support in her Terra Godlove Circle, too.

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Do you like seeing Jane on TV? Click this: Good Day Sacramento link to see her very early AM segment before the Holistic Living Expo.  What fun to have the host be so surprised by how she instantly felt when Jane's hands danced. Half our audience that day spontaneously came to meet us at the Expo after seeing the segment, saying they could feel the energy as Jane worked on the TV host, too.  We are so grateful for Good Day Sacramento helping launching our largest live circles yet !

Born in the USA, Jane danced inside and outside The White House in 2016.  This is the house that is to "belong to the people," and  she was happy, grateful and so very honored to be given the most special, private tour where she could see, feel, and dance with the best of our history, and how we can now and always come together and revise for the good of all humankind. While America continues to undergo a huge, and for many an extremely challenging change, under the current administration, Jane continues to send prayers we all can find better ways to unify for harmony and peace.  We forever remain hopeful, prayerful, and focused that we, the people, shall be compassionate, helpful, inclusive, and work together as a diverse, loving, and wholesome community dedicated to freedom, independence, and goodwill to all.  Add your prayers, too, and let's all collaborate for the good of each and all.


If you’ve been on Jane's personal Facebook or on our Sparkling Circle Facebook page found here you may already know about this gift, which utterly fixed Jane's neck from whiplash within an hour and that this gift is an ever evolving one. 

Testimonials come in often and may splash into our social media sites before this site.  Our Jane's Dancing Hands Facebook page is primarily focused on JDH Circles, testimonials, JDH Zoom sessions, JDH Quanta Circles, or other tidbits that keenly relate to the Dancing Hands and joyful dance.   We so appreciate it when you LIKE, SHARE, and COMMENT so that others may join in to experience and grow in this new wave of peace, joy, and harmony.  Just sharing the upliftment happening now brings more light to the world when it is so greatly craving good news and activations of this kind.

Your prayers help, so join me in dancing for and sharing the courage to rise for peace everywhere.

The world is going through intense growing pains right now, as are her people.  While these changes may be wilder to even the most resilient, when in the Dancing Hands Circle we are instantly wrapped in the loving, compassionate, unifying field of purest Source energy where the weave of harmony, peace, and agape love is our central frequency.

Jane holds all in her prayers -- all beings, situations, communities, countries, and hopes.  Thank you for adding your prayers for our best and highest individual and collective good to our dancing prayers, too.

Ready to co-create Jane's Dancing Hands Circles in 2019 and 2020 with us?  

We'd love to dance with you, too! 

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