Jane Sibbett

It occurred to Jane recently that this very Swimming with the Whales by Day, Dancing Under the Stars by Night journey was whispered 50 years ago to her as she lay for hours upon hours on her belly listening to the whale song on the hi-fi in the library of her island home in the San Francisco Bay. There, as a little girl, the seeds of their joined history were awakened in her.  Maybe you, too, are also remembering we made this date with destiny!

A longtime lover of ocean, lagoon, and bay waters as much as she is of ancient and sacred wisdom, Jane was first led, however, to co-create new worlds as a longtime actress in film and television in Hollywood, well before her evolution as a producer, writer, and director.

After 20 happy years in the entertainment business, Jane left with her family for a new life in Hawaii. Called to “write a fresh story of ancient times” from the Island of Hawaii, she was soon asked to return to produce a documentary and live events for a healer (who doesn’t call himself a healer.) With a wonderful global team, Jane helped co-create events for more than a quarter of a million audience members a year for three years.

Assisting in producing documentaries and events for this and several other conduits of Source energy culminated into a wildly unexpected awakening of her own gift of the Dancing Hands. In the last two years, Jane has been blessed with more and more interactions with the miraculous, and the realization that the perfecting abilities of the soul simply are awaiting to reconnect fully with Source energy. Seeing, supporting and dancing with that potential in others brings only bliss.

Though this will be Jane’s very first Humpback whale swims in this lifetime, (after many happy swims with the dolphins, manta rays, and Pilot whales in Hawaii), Jane feels as if the whale pods have been calling us all to swim back together in like-hearted community to receive the next layer of that which only the keepers of the sacred records can share.

While Jane’s former and happy life as an actress, writer, producer, and director still rise from time to time, since the Dancing Hands burst forth in earnest in 2015 she has been ceaselessly crisscrossing the map to help others connect to their soul path of harmony, health and happiness through purest Source connection.

Jane’s current dock is in California with one of her three extraordinary children. When she became pregnant with her first child and she heard the name Tonga so much over and over in her head, she wondered if she needed to take the baby there.  It was 26 years and one month that she finally accepted that call to keep her 50 year old date.


Endangered Encounters and Captain Brenda

We are so happy to partner again with Captain Brenda and her amazing team. To learn more about the Endangered Encounters we bring you this from their website:

Endangered Encounters, began whale watching in  2006.  Our Team Meki and Meli have been together for 9 years.  They love showing the best of what Vava’u has to offer guests.  They are both licensed Skippers and Certified Whale Guides along with First Aid at Sea Certification.

Our vessel “Proteus” is a 4m x 10m aluminum cat built specifically for whale watching and swimming.  Guests are able to sit on the bow, up on the flybridge with Captain Meki or Meli, or on the stern deck with a comfortable view of the sea.  She has a full restroom and dry cabin for comfort from the sun or rain. Her sturdy ladder allows for easy access to and from the water.  Swift, comfortable and safe, ensuring a pleasant  day out on the ocean.

We are dedicated to bringing you the most incredible experience of your life!  There are no words to express the feeling of floating next to the majestic humpback whale.  Some find the experience to be life changing.

Our charters are restricted to small groups in order to bring you an  intimate and personalized encounter.  We have time to relax and enjoy the moment.