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The Zoom livestream was pure perfection. A Rtual to Love. You were glowing with the songs taking you on a beautiful journey in the depths of the ocean and us with you. Dancing in the sea. I gazed at you and i danced through you.You were Me and I was You .So much Love. You were pure Love. Thank You ! !!!!!!!


Jane's Dancing Hands - What is it? What is a Dancing Hands Circle?

While Jane’s not a professionally trained dancer she feels joy when she dances and now with pure Source flowing through her dancing hands the combination has led her to begin sharing this energy in Dancing Hands Circles.  You don’t need to be a dancer or even dance to be a part of the circle, but all are invited to participate in this unique transmission of what many in attendance call “pure joy” or “unconditional love,” as they’ve never felt before.  Here’s a bit of what it may feel or look like: 

"Every song, every dance, every circle is different, just as every cell, every body, every gathering is as unique as a note in the chord of the universal harmony.  We simply turn up the music, tune in our hearts, and let pure Source dance us back into knowing of the perfection of our divine connection."  ~ Jane Sibbett

"Want to try and see?  Dance with me.  Don't worry -- you can't get this wrong.  This Life dance is supposed to be fun!  It's just about getting out of the way of ourselves to simply connect to the joy and where the healing, peace, reboot, and rebalancing happens.  Take off your shoes and dance!"  ~ Jane

Anyone who missed coming tonite to this awesome gathering and circle may just simply get still and open to receive the amazing expanse of joy, love, peace and Heaven that we all opened to receive and expand together across the planet for the well being of all.

Jane Sibbett, you are absolutely a thoroughly awesome soul who paints a picture and vision of Heaven with dance and light and courage and with such devotion to bring forth the Gifts that pour through you in amazing heat and cascades of pure divine energy and spark.

I know there will be more for me to say about this awesome experience. For now
what I would say to everyone- if Jane Sibbett comes to your town - and you wonder if you should go to the Dancing Hands Circle- don't just wonder or think about it- GO!

With much love and gratitude, Jane for your courage and your devotion to the Light of Divinity.

Namaste and big big hugs!

Cris Delgado 
Inner Balance Wellness

My third Session with Jane had 21 Participants standing in a circle — I felt the energy as soon as Jane started working on the first person. Energy was palpable and way stronger with more people (than when she worked on just two of us at a time.” Less “deep,” but more “electric”. Felt an undeniable connection to the group, like a web. The takeaway: Each session was distinctly different. All had an underlying sense of peace and well-being, and each time I was left with an ’empty mind,’ (no chatter — clear and clean.)

Chad Carver, Oregon

Lyme disease symptoms disappeared, broken bone healed, old and new injuries, wound and pain eased… The ability to effect such transformation has surprised even Jane herself when her gift was awakened through meeting Abdy. We all have experienced Jane’s love and caring when we first met her at Braco’s gazing and Mas’ events. Always a healer at heart, she has helped many to bring the awakening of consciousness to all. Now, we are fortunate to add her on the list of those who comes to transform our life, to give us hope, to restore our faith in our divine essence of who we are, to help us find out way home to pure source… Dance with her and experience the joy, the innocence, the miracles of her dancing hands. Bring your friends and spread the love!

Monnie Ramsell, Arizona

And from simply watching the above video, we received this letter recently:

This is pure childlike joy; uninhibited, filled with hope for the future, empowerment, miracles, breaking down barriers of all kinds… I sit in awe and gratitude for this precious present given so generously through you … as I write tears continue and a chill up my arms making me know it is truth, it is directly from God …

Sheila Kelly, Washington

Click to hear the difference between a private session and a Dancing Hands Circle and how it works, (as shared by psychic intuitive and gifted visionary, Tracey Corinne.