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Would you like to be a part of the online Quanta Circle THIS coming week? Write to to get on the list. 14 participants. 3 nights arc. Tapping into exponential harmony, light, and peace.


Source whispers in my ear. Sometimes Source loudly shouts, “Wake up! We have work to do!” or “Look. Look at that sky. Drink this blue. You’ll feel better.” Or “Listen. Do you hear? How do you suppose that owl found you all the way here in the city?” Sometimes Source speaks through birdsong or palm fronds or the warmth of sunshine as I drink a cup of tea.

Sometimes Source speaks through my hands saying, “I love you, keep going. I love you, keep trusting. I love you, it’s time to open up your heart again - I’ve got an idea: Dance. Yes, now. Dance. Okay, then. Tomorrow - And later today. You can. Find a group. Circle up. Dance for the best and the highest good of all, yes, but then, invite all to go wider, deeper, more. What does it mean to make a commitment to you, to yourself, to your sacred self, to your higher self, to the Source energy in every cell of that perfect self of yours? What would that feel like? Got it? Then let’s dance.”

This genesis of the JDH Quanta Circle came in a whisper -- it is akin to a surprise party for 7-14 people where YOU and each participant is the guest of honor.

  • Online, a JDH Quanta Circle is an arc of 3 successive sessions via Zoom.  Each Quanta Circle is between an hour to 90 minutes, depending upon how many participants have joined.  
  • In person, the JDH Quanta Circle is a singular commitment of ninety minutes at a time with hands on work for the group and each individually.

The JDH Quanta Circles via Zoom have been some of the most popular events, especially those unable to travel -- essential connection for many during the pandemic of 2020 and 2021.

Each Quanta Circle includes:

  • Check in – How you are mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually? And then on a scale of 1 – 10 with 10 being perfect, happy, whole, healthy, how do you feel? Each participant shares succinctly and honestly, but can work privately, or quietly, too. All write down “where they are" and can share with Jane, or not.
  • Focus – Much like an intention for the circle, this could also be a yes to Source activating this and/or a more “positive, beautiful and beneficial outcome beyond our imagining,” allowing room for our hearts to open to Source knowing best.
  • Dancing Hands – the dance. 20 – 45 min, Source chooses.
  • Discussion/Wrap up/Post Check In. Revelations, experiences, sensations, where one is now on the 1 – 10 scale, take-aways.
  • Writing post circle to bring light to the shifts, revelations, questions, and comments, then sending them to me at

To better understand, here is a slice of what some of our test participants felt before and after the Jane’s Dancing Hands Quanta Circles just this week:


Before the first session:

  • “I was physically tired and sick, with pain and tightness over my kidneys/adrenals and my pallor was grey.”

During the first session:

  • “Though I couldn’t get a visual on Jane on my iPad, I could see everything that Jane was doing.”

After the first session:

  • “My kidney/adrenal pain was mostly gone, the color had returned to my face, my eyes were bigger, and I just felt great! That night I was euphoric and couldn’t fall asleep for some time I had so much energy.”

Before the second session:

  • “I want to continue working on my replenishing my adrenals.”

During the second session:

  • “I was “out” for most of the session. My nervous system needed to be reset by floating in this sea of tranquility, which was what I needed.”

After the second session:

  • “I feel rested, peaceful, and content. Even now, I still feel you working on my adrenals. I went from a 6-7 to a 10.” (10 feeling perfect.)

Before the final session:

“I slept on the floor last night with the dog and I awoke with zero pain in my hip. Wow. Also, I felt Jane was with me today and magically Source took care of my most dire needs just about when I had lost all hope.”

After the final session:

“I felt the Divine Mother and Quan Yin coming through you…I have done thousands of years of inner child work with phenomenal people and this finally was able to clear it all out (immense childhood trauma.")
“This experience was one of the most beneficial events in my life.”

Before first session:

Slight cramping in my hand, my foot, and my groin.

After the first session:

“After the energy moved my spine, my pelvic area loosened up. Now the pain in my groin and sacrum are gone. Feeling so much better!”

Before the second session:

No more pain or cramping now. Just need to reenergize during the healing process.

During the second session:

My hands were turning the keys the affected my internal organs and I went to a place to observe spiritual surgery and related to how my organs related or connected to nature. 

After the second session:

This session was a learning session for me. I just had to share the eternal love and light with the group. We are pulled in as One.

Before the third session:

I slept 10 hours last night! I feel great. Today I walked in the sunshine with my grandson. Now just want Source to flow where Source wants to flow.

After the third session:

“I moved through time and space. The three JDH Quanta Sessions I experienced were deep and personal. Each day a miracle that helped me heal and regain my strength. It was a time of learning – so much I have seen with my spiritual eyes in these sessions I feel as if I have experienced my personal Big Bang … a time with creation.”

Before the final session:

  • “My spirit feels better. I am stronger. More hopeful, peaceful. I feel the group really has helped me go into this space where the deep, real work is happening. I’m better than I have been… ever?

After the final session:

  • “They were cheering, ‘See! See! See what all of us can do!’ The encouragement of the group in this space hearing, “You are loved,’ fully understanding it maybe for the first time ever. I am much, much, much more hopeful. My heart knows what it needs.”


  • “The arc of intensity increased with each day.”
  • “We built upon from where we had progressed in the previous session.”
  • “There was greater connection to the group.”
  • “I felt supported by the group as I accessed new healing and shared.”
  • “In JDH Circles the Dancing Hands work on all, and individuals, but this goes to a new place where the Higher Selves group is co-creating with Source as Jane’s hands dance.
  • “I feel all our gratitude was magnified and the peace is deeper.”


“The Universe is yours.”

“Find your joy!”

“You are loved.”

“We are being rewired for a more loving and personal connection with Source.”

“I received (through Jane’s gift) the love from the Divine Mother I hadn’t ever received from my birth mother.”

“I’m feeling very optimistic and dreaming again.”

“Miracles happen every second when we stay true to who we are.”

Investment in The Online Quanta commitment - $140. for three Quanta Circles

Each Circle is intimate in size -- between 7 and 14 participants in each Quanta Circle.

No refunds for cancellations less than 48 hours in advance.

50% refund for cancellations more than 72 hours in advance.

It is the responsibility of those participating to have Zoom loaded into their computer or device at least 6 hours in advance of the session, and learn how to create and navigate their own account in advance.

We will share pertinent details about how to join the Zoom group upon your reservation, but this may not come until 12 hours before your first session as we wish to send to the entire group together. 

We ask also that each keeps the sacredness of the group and commit to at least two of the three sessions.  It really does help to have the whole group commit to all three sessions.  We know things come up, but we ask you look into how you may honor yourself by showing up for the sessions.  Thank you for doing your best!

There is no recording of these sessions permitted without prior approval.  Each is only for live interaction.  It is illegal to photograph, screenshot, record or duplicate these sessions or any sessions without written approval of Jane Sibbett or Jane's Dancing Hands before the event.  Your purchase of a ticket is an agreement of compliance that you or any associates will not record, photograph, or screenshot any portion of the session without the express approval of Jane Sibbett and Jane's Dancing Hands.  Thank you.