pura vida + pure Source

Pure life plus pure Source.  What does that mean to you?  

See if you can experience what I feel when I dance with pura vida + pure Source.

Take a breath and plunge into the Element of Water...

I'll be adding the story of this waterfall soon.

Below find two videos of Jane's Dancing Hands for Peace and Harmony from Facebook Live.   These are danced to the music of the ocean and the rhythm of peace and harmony as mixed by pure Source and all the souls who gather.  Who knows how the elemental tides of harmony can etch and soften the walls of more than 300,000 that FB says they've touched, but we can dream that somehow they are asking us to connect more tenderly from our heart.  

Just imagine that ocean of peace lapping the unsuspecting ankles of mindless scrolling, where perhaps they'll turn away from the blue screen and look up at the blue skies for real connection.  Maybe?

As I dance in the waves of the Pacific Ocean, may the waves of peace and harmony which connect us all fill us with pure Source'd hope and inspiration.  Say a prayer or state an intention as you begin, too, then let it all go and allow your body and spirit to dance freely as you watch/experience/feel/be lifted by the tides of our highest and best good.

Here is my very first Facebook Live session -- this is a 45 minute session -- nearly as long as a Dancing Hands Circle (!) and mysteriously, and effortlessly has already reached more than 300,000 people via Facebook in the few weeks it has been on our Sparkling Circle Facebook page.  Maybe you, like I, feel our world could use more peace?

What elements do you feel dance in this video?  Water?  Yes, but how about the beach?  Earth? Do you feel the ocean breezes or hear the waves?  Perhaps you feel the element of Air, too?  ​

Here is my second Facebook Live Dancing Hands Session.  While this is only 14 minutes long, there is more time dancing in and with the water, waves, sun, and even the birds as they fly by.  Take a deep breath.  Stand if you are physically able and let this dance dance you for your best and highest good in peace, harmony, and loving light.

​Now to experience the Elements of EARTH & FIRE

Even as the Sand Fire burned through what would ultimately consume more than 38,000 acres not far from our home, filling the skies of Los Angeles County with black, choking, thick smoke for days, I could feel the land calling.  I knew better than to get in the way as it raged, but there were many lessons here. When do we help?  How could we have prevented such a loss of life and structure for so many? This isn't to say that fire isn't necessary or vital, but wildfires such as these or the fire that is currently blazing out of control again, not far from here, in new canyons of the drought drummed California demand that we pay attention to the transmutation that is occurring.  Are we respecting our planet?  How do you feel about the care we give to our skies, our water, our land, and yes, the fire, too?

I heard "malama." "Malama is the Hawaiian word meaning to take care of, to serve and to honor, to protect and watch over.  Thus Malama is thought of a benevolent value of stewardship with compassion." (From Managing with Aloha (Chapter 15, preamble)  How does this concept of malama impact you as you watch or dance here with pure Source in the ashes of land or life in evolution?  As you watch this, does do you feel compassion fire up within you, too?

Please consider how you might malama the aina or care for the land next time you dance upon the earth.  This could be picking up trash as you travel about, thanking the water as you refill reusable bottles, giving a hand to the caretakers of the land, water, and sky, recycling, donating time to our precious resources, planting trees or wildflower seeds, using holistic, non-toxic products in your home or garden, supporting organic, local farmers, carpooling, and even something but powerful as blessing the food and liquids you ingest every meal.  We all need to take care of one another much better, and simultaneously we need to take good care of our home.  It starts here. Malama the aina.

Peace and Harmony are here for all.  Thanks for coming here to realize Heaven on Earth right where you are dancing in this moment.  

It was in Costa Rica that I realized how powerfully the magnificence of this sacred earth was ready to dance with us for our support and growth

It was in Costa Rica, when dancing in the pouring rains, hiking through the spectacular rain forest, and praying in the warm stream that ran from the fiery, active volcano, (as seen here) that I realized how powerfully and magnificently this sacred earth could dance with us, too, for our verdant life support and growth


When we drink from the wellspring of pure Source with conscious gratitude, the life force of our connection with all of creation flows.  Fresh ways to connect our mind, body, and soul to the engines of Earth fire up in this dance of pure Source's creation so that we may truly embody Heaven on Earth.

When we drink from the wellspring of pure Source with conscious gratitude, the life force of our connection with all of creation flows. Fresh ways to connect our mind, body, and soul to these engines of Earth fire up in this inspired dance, so that we may truly embody Heaven on Earth.


In it. Element of Water

When I’m in the water, connected with pure Source, I have found the gift, too, of becoming one with the water – whether it is the temperature, the motion, the taste, or the divine buoyancy.