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Sacred Scotland 2 – JDH Journey

April 11, 2020 - April 21, 2020


Join Jane Sibbett and an intimate merry band for 9 nights and 10 1/2 days of Jane’s Dancing Hands second tour through mystical Sacred Scotland.  Find out what now is drawing her back and so soon.  Is it the beautiful people?   The magnetic energies of the phenomenal land? Its ancient architecture? Or something deeper?  Maybe it’s her mission to help people connect more deeply to all they truly are as divine pieces of Creator or to help the earth reawaken to peace, health, healing, and wholeness. Can you feel it in your heart?  Do you feel the rising light as you, too, are ready to step onto your sacred path?


From first dance, the energies in Scotland were so strong for Jane’s Dancing Hands, the Pura Vida of the land, took Jane’s hands joyfully and with Source energy as always leading, it literally danced them into the sand on the shores of the North Sea creating beautiful patterns over and over again, much like a mini crop circle or complicated petroglyphs.  From Dancing Hands to the Language of Love that comes from the G*d that created the universe, and now to the Dancing Sand Glyphs this adventure of trust in the best and highest good continues.


Even if you’re not a Stewart or have any Scottish blood in your veins, join Jane on the adventure of her lineage as the Divine calls her back to join with her Scottish roots and give thanks and offer prayers for peace in the light of Easter’s resurrection and rebirth.  Beginning in Edinburgh, together we shall see exquisite codes crack open before us as we explore the beautiful Rosslyn Chapel.  Via van, ferry, and on dancing feet, we will explore lochs, ley lines and love for the powerful beauty of the mists rising from the Highlands for goodness sakes with every breath.  We will dance among the Standing Stones of Callanish and many other heart-won castles and wide, wind-swept beaches to inspire us all to courageously appreciate, connect, wonder, and fire up more graciously to listen more carefully to the alignment of heaven on earth right here in our own divinely blessed vessel.

What more will come in this magical land of the miraculous?


Find out by opening the Itinerary here: The JDH Sacred Scotland 2 – Adventure of a Lifetime

“The resonance I feel with the land in Scotland now has me yearning to spend extended time there… I was moved to tears so many times during our week (how could that have been just a week???) I experienced so much joy, gratitude, peace, awe, connection, resonance, fascination, curiosity, delight, and deep deep love for the people, the places, the beauty everywhere… Experiencing the immersion in the Dancing Hands energy was a beautiful enhancement to my experience.  The lense of the energy brought things into focus in a big heartful way.  There was such an honoring every new place we walked, and the expansive state our collective energy in the grand adventure was palpable as we played and danced in and around the magnificent waypoints on our journey.”  ~A. Hyatt WA, US

Want to know what else makes this trip is so special? Knowing and trusting we are all good and right on time.  If you’d like to be a part of this journey, the following release form must be filled out first before any ticketing.  Thank you for saying yes and being a part of another spectacular opportunity for us to come together for the best and highest good for one and all.

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