SPRING HOUSE CLEANING INSIDE AND OUT. Want to CLEANSE with me?  And have Zoom’ed dancing hands sessions every other day for 10 days? YOU can REBOOT with JANE!

…Oh, yes, I have been keenly aware of the extra toxic load of weight and emotional sludge my body has taken on since I had my last cleanse a two and a half years ago.  My last vice of caffeine crept back, (yes, with lite whip), but it doesn’t feel good to be “fluffy” and fuzzy again without my cuppa morning yum. To connect and dance the way that I am being asked to dance now and really step and serve from my best, I know it’s much easier if I’m strong and clean inside and out.  sparkling blue bannerRecently I got a big pure Source tap to reboot — not just with a cleanse, but also to dance and exercise, too, with focus on full mind, body, spirit health, encouraging the best vessel through which Source’s gifts can flow. I can’t back out of a cleanse/reboot especially if I’m inviting your to join me in the journey.  So if you’re game or not, I’m committed.  Shall we buddy up in a circle?

If game, I’d like to offer four options for you to consider if you feel called to cleanse with me or add one you like.  PLEASE check the ingredients via the links included and do your own research for each and/or any which may interest you. Please also consider any allergens or sensitivities you may have, and speak to your trusted medical experts if you wish.  Because I am traveling I’m not available to answer many questions here or be a daily mentor through this, but I have a Dancing Hands idea that follows this and there are options in and beyond The Sparkling Circle FB.


Please consider any allergens or sensitivities you may have, and speak to your doctor first.


Our Healthy Links options:

  1. Purium – 10 Day Transformation Cleanse This helped me deeply cleanse, break my sugar and caffeine addictions, clear the fuzzy brain, and contributed to the strongest, healthiest shape of my life, losing/converting 17 lbs. in 10 days  — at age 50! It was tough on Day 2 and 3 because of the caffeine, but the rest was relatively easy for me.  During this I did intense hot Buddhi yoga every other day, with ecstatic dance too, which was not recommended, but I didn’t find out until midway.  Now, I think moderate exercise is fine, but then… honestly, my intense yoga and dance were necessary for my emotional repair and balancing, too, so that was literally a no-brainer.Image-10I’m keenly aware between the Chemtrails dropping all sorts of toxins on us in LA, (and elsewhere – Yes, this has been confirmed by our LA Times and ABC News reports they ARE spraying us near daily here), and the often compromised water and the foods we ingest despite our best efforts, we all need to be diligent in giving our bodies every advantage.  I just found our yesterday that Purium has an additional supplement of drops that would compliment the Cleanse and may offer some help.This Transformational Cleanse program offers a doctor/mentor via phone, the link to which you’ll get if and when you order.Even after this cleanse I have faithfully continued on with their L.O.V.E superfoods.  I found out about Purium from my friend, healer/activator Mas, who also still uses and endorses this line for its non-GMO, Kosher, high vibrational, and nutritional support.This works out to about 15.00 a day for all your needs – less than most of us pay in a day for our food by a lot! If you don’t automatically get 50.00 off this when you order, please notify me and I’ll send you a link which you can manually add.PLEASE use the this link to order so you can receive the five zoomed Dancing Hands sessions, too, free, where I’ll be dancing for our optimal health and show Suzi your order details for the links.
  2. Arbonne – 30 Days to Healthy Living ChallengeThis is the cleanse which my best friend of 47 years has lost 23 lbs. and counting, and she has continued on past 30 days.  So revolutionary was this for her that she is now a firm believer in Arbonne, the MLM support system for greater financial freedom even though she is a wildly successful executive at her company and now, also, a spectacular mentor to more than a hundred already in just a few months. I’d try this if I wasn’t traveling for it sets up a whole new system of healthy meals and even helps with recipes.  This is another super clean and super supportive company with non-toxic skincare, makeup, supplements and more, too.Ordering through this link you’ll also receive five free zoomed Dancing Hands sessions specifically for optimal health.  This company currently only ships to US, UK, Poland, Canada, and Australia.  NZ begins in June.  It’s about 8.50 a day.  My best friend said she’d allow me to share her private email with any here if you need her assistance to sign up or be mentored.
  3. doTerra – Spring Clean Your Body Suzi turned me onto this awesome company known primarily to me for their essential oils, but she found this for us, for those who want to explore other ways to cleanse. Perhaps this feels just what you need, perhaps you are not ready for extreme dietary changes right now, but still wish to rid your body of toxins. Check this out:•Cleanse and restore enrollment kit (item number 32950001) dōTERRA has created a system to help make toxic load reduction easy for everyonedōTERRA’s answer to minimizing toxic load comes in the form of a 30-day renewing cleanse, your annual “spring cleaning.” This detoxification program is simple and easy to follow. Consisting of a series of innovative products that work with your inherent cleansing processes, when combined with a healthy diet, the renewing cleanse works to maximize the health and efficiency of your vital cleansing organs so that you can minimize toxic load naturally and maintain the results long-term. The foundation of your 30-day renewing cleanse is the eight component Cleanse & Restore Kit!(While supplies last)

    The Spring Clean Your Body 2016 Kit includes the seven products SORRY NO LONGER AVAILABLE AS A KIT

    Spring cleaning is a way to recharge, rejuvenate and renew your environment and your commitment to health. Cleaning can jump-start your body for a more active, healthy lifestyle.

    As a dōTERRA customer or wellness advocate, you will have access to support, articles, dōTERRA science blog and dōTERRA university,  many videos and webinars…

    PLEASE use the this link to order your doTerra Cleanse, so you can receive the five zoomed Dancing Hands sessions, too, free, where I’ll be dancing for our optimal health and show Suzi your order details for the links.

  4. The Master CleanseI liked this 10 Day cleanse before, knew it was super effective, had lost 10 lbs., loved that I could simply go to the market and get the Organic Lemons, cayenne, Grade B maple syrup, and sea salt immediately, and it felt good, but it is perhaps the hardest one for me to manage for the salt purges were intense.  If this appeals to you, please do your research – just as I would recommend for all of the above.  My beloved and trusted acupuncturist at the time did not like this – felt it was too taxing — but many do, so please, again, do your research before you decide to do any of these IF you wish to cleanse.

(If you commit to Cleanse one, two or three above I will give you five 30 min+ JDH Zoom sessions for free.)

5. ZOOM Jane’s Dancing Hands for Spiritual, Mental & Physical Exercise  

This is an extension of the Dancing Hands, but one I’ve been trying out a bit, and so far, so   good, so I wanted to see if others might like to participate.  I’m not a gym rat that I used to be in my younger days, but I need exercise and there is a gym nearby that offers that for me. But as soon as I put my ear buds in and put on my music, whether I’m lifting free weights or riding my bicycle my hands and body are again danced!  If Eric is nearby, pure Source immediately invites him to participate and he’s reporting that he has immediately has greater flexibility and is able to stretch more deeply.  He gets an extra boost of energy to lift his weights more effectively and he gets more joy to focus on the growing health of his body temple – to start!  This, again, from the man who is recovering from Lyme.

Will this be a benefit to others via Zoom?  Based upon the other testimonials about the effects of the Skype or phone sessions, we’re optimistic. At the very least you get a dancing hands session of pure Source energy and that is always a lovely thing.  Many have asked if I could create special Dancing Hands sessions with specific focus, i.e., bringing more joy, family communication, stress reduction, and more and frankly, I’ve not had time to try this out, but since this one I have, there will be time for other suggestions later if it is meant to be, and the beauty of us all being in this together is that we can see and learn together.

If you commit to Cleanse one, two or three above I will give you five 30 min+ JDH Zoom sessions for free.  If you do the Master Cleanse, one of your own, or just want to experience the Zoom JDH Circle focused on sacred pure Source’d movement with us, trusting the spiritual reboot without altering your diet, then I’d simply invite you to opt in at the normal Zoom per session ticket. All good!

This would be 5 sessions of 30 min. a piece with chat at the end and beginning for approx. 40 min. total. Reboot with Jane Sibbett — click here!