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Jane’s Dancing Hands – Source ReUnion Circle

Would you like to join me this weekend to hunker down and meditate with Source?  This, like our last spontaneous invitation, isn’t a typical Jane’s Dancing Hands Circle.  My doctor has asked that I keep my wings close to my heart for three and a half more weeks while my scar heals, (like a little T-Rex dinosaur of love), so it’ll be a sit down, gentle flow.  The voice within, the Language of Love, called it a Source ReUnion Circle since the toolbox knew Labor Day was a nice day to celebrate our original union. Source may have messages or just breath and sweet mudras spinning – we’ll see together!

JDH Special BEday Circle

Happy Gratitude Month!

Come join use for our JDH Special BEday Circle on Nov. 28 @ 10:30am PST

Pray, Dance, Laugh, Eat Cake, Hug, Share & Wish