Dancing Hands Private Session


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Depending upon your comfort level we can first speak specifically about which you’d like to address or just let Source and your highest self have a quiet chat and direct the entire session. I have found that even if I (Jane) might wish to start on a certain part, say if there is an ache or pain in the body, Source has often led my hands to other parts to align or strengthen foundational systems first.

Pure Source will always work in the most supportive ways to lay or refortify these foundations or address places seeking extra support or soothing, and my hands will dance in ways around the body that are generally gentle, but strong. If you find that anything feels too intense, too warm, too cold, or simple too strange, I encourage you to share that with me as it arises and I will work adjusting for greater ease. In fact, we can talk through the session or be quiet as we are each individually or together led.

In anticipation of the session you may wish to write out your hopes and intentions for the session and beyond and then share it aloud with me so that your story leading you here is acknowledged, respected, and given wings. From there we will work together to allow pure Source to rewrite and rewire the body, mind, emotions, and spirit as needed for a new life dance with greater ease and joy. I find this is a lovely way of honoring heart to heart and cutting through the chaff for the grain of what you’ve come to address or invite.


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