Jane’s Dancing Hands – Source Meditation

Source Meditation
May 10th @ 5:30pm PDT / 8:30pm EDT


Samsei Piko – Conversations in Mastery


A Source Course with JANE



Tonight will be a sampling of Jane’s new Source Course.  More than a traditional course in meditation, this Source Course is an expanding wave of activation in mastery for these ever-evolving times.


After more than 75 sessions with a beta group, this is for all who are ready to make a commitment to their sacred journey with Source in a new, personal, and profoundly moving way.


Because this Source Course began downloading with no advance notice in the midst of a pandemic with a request to begin to share with a wider group just two days later from my own home studio, this wasn’t about getting it movie production-perfect or even public TV quasi-perfect.  This was about using the tools we had at hand via our humble Zoom room to help who we could as quickly as possible in receiving not only their own personal messages from Source, but trusting what was opening within them to share for a more harmonious and unified field of positive transformation on the globe.


With no end in sight with the mutating variants with COVID swirling around the globe, we have also been asked to not waste a moment more in getting this up and available to others who resonate to a compassionate way forward from the eye of the storm.  When it was posited if we should try to start over with higher quality equipment, Source emphatically shared that nothing was to be wasted – not time, not stuttering connectivity with wi-fi, not a single beat.  Even in the humblest shares the group learn to cultivate trust that the connection and information was running even through the stalls or reboots of the storms.  Participants began to settle in, let control go for only the best the and highest good to prevail, and hold greater focus even in the midst of chaos or questions.  Listening became deeper even in the gaps of “knowing” or Internet bubbles.  Our group stopped asking, praying, searching and learned to be in the frame of something new, be it in the peace, the dancing mudras, or the Language of Love pouring from Source through Jane.


Scroll down to READ MORE, and email jason@janesdancinghands.com if you’d like to be put on the list for this first Source Course.




How it began…


“It’s time for something new.”  I listened carefully as Source asked me to open up to share new ways for anyone who wished to connect even more profoundly with purest Source energy and the Pura Vida of Source.   


“More profoundly than a JDH Quanta Circle?” I asked.  

Source: Yes.

J:  I thought we were taking this time to write the book.

S: Yes, and this will help write the book, but more, we are going much deeper to simultaneously assist those who are also ready to receive the newer energies of mastery in community for the “Coming Times.”


Source then showed me some… shall we say… interesting happenings on various planes.


J:  It seems pretty serious.

S: It is.  

J:  Is this more important than getting the book turned in and my vegetable gardens done?

S: Both are important, but yes, it must be done concurrently. (Gardens are lessons in cultivating and nurturing self-reliance, sustainability and deeper connection with Source’s Pura Vida.)


I asked about timing and parameters because this was the all-business voice of Source. I was told this new segment of information was for a group who was timely, conscientious, who already understood how to Zoom, could still themselves to meditative receiving, and very dearly wished to learn or refine how one can come in service to a deeper connection to All-That-Is.


Source then laid out some rules to help refine each participant’s sacred mastery with:

  • Commitment
  • Sacred Space
  • Preparation
  • Timeliness
  • Stillness
  • Deep Listening
  • Interaction
  • Discipline for greater growth, spiritual muscles, respect, and honor
  • Compassion
  • Communal Caretaking



Why This. Why Now.

Extra Messages from Source:


Love, life, and energy are live wires for humanity and as seen in the forces of nature are often unruly as they move through the planet.  We dance here with respect and love for all.


S: We are wrangling the unruly right now.  And if we can’t wrangle the unruly within ourselves, we cannot wrangle the unruly in our world right now. And we need to wrangle it and refocus it for goodness.  There are times for us to be wild and unruly, do the chaotic dances, listen to chaotic music, and shake it all out – to play, and to laugh and recreate, but right now, this (shift) is something else.  This is “Samsei Piko.”


Source translated “samsei” as – samadhi or unification of the mind where union of the divine is reached.  This is the highest state of mental concentration that a person can achieve still bound to the body which unites one to the highest reality.  Piko in Hawaiian has a few meanings, all are correct. Piko is belly button/center of being.  It is also the summit of a mountain, as well as the place where the stem is attached to the leaf of taro, one of the sacred plants in the islands, which much like the lotus flowers often grows from muddy flood plains and is central to survival and prosperity. The taro plant is also a plant that connects one with their ancestors.


New Tone. 

While JDH Circles often have great levity and joy these sessions embody a shift to meet the times.


Example of the Tone from the last session about the seriousness of these sessions and the level of precision in focus:


S: This is exactly why they have to be there early and seated before you begin… They must quiet themselves and be ready in stillness to receive. In this new series they must sit, they cannot dance, they can’t have the impulse to dance, they can’t have the impulse to chatter. If they have the impulse, they need to quiet the impulse. They can’t hear God if they don’t get to this, if they’re always trying to talk back like a petulant child.


((Eeee… Yep… it’s like this. This made Boosalah and me laugh, but they mean it.))


S:  You often speak about how everyday feels like kindergarten.  Consider this pre-Med.


((I smiled.  Message received.))



We began June 12, 2020 and since then have had more than 75 Samsei Piko sessions. 


During these pandemic times, this Source Course has been divinely orchestrated so we can learn together. And while the recorded version of this course can be for any time of the day, the class will still cultivate community for those who understand and can honor the import of “the best and highest good for one and all.”  There will be a live circling up at the beginning and completion for the group at each segment.


There is utter trust you’ll know if this is something that you can or wish to do, or not.  



The new format is more concise than JDH Quanta Circles, 1hr total.  30 min. activation/meditation, then 30 min. of Source messages through Jane.  Before you arrive, you’ll be asked to journal five to 30 minutes depending on how deep you wish to go.  After each session, to continue your deepening with Source, you’re asked to answer some questions.  For some this will fall out quite naturally as if Source is moving your pen or keyboarding for you.  For others you may need to spend more time in meditation to process that which is evolving.  You will be asked to share this “home/heartwork” before and after each session. Details to follow with your commitment. The more that you put in before and after, and the more you’re ready to receive in the sessions and all the in-between times, the more you’ll understand how you may be in constant communication with Source coursing through your being, too.

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