Sacred Scotland 2 Jane’s Dancing Hands

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If you’d like to be a part of this journey, the following release form must be filled out first before any ticketing.  Thank you for saying yes and being a part of another spectacular opportunity for us to come together for the best and highest good for one and all.

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Join us for 9 nights and 10 1/2 days of Jane’s Dancing Hands second tour’s immersion into the spiritual heritage of mystical Sacred Scotland, her beautiful people, and the uniquely magnetic energies of the phenomenal land and its ancient architecture.  From first dance these energies were so strong, the Pura Vida of the land, took Jane’s hands joyfully and with Source energy always leading danced them in the sand on the shores of the North Sea.  From Dancing Hands, to the Language of Love that comes from the G*d that created the universe (and its songs), and now to the sand glyphs this adventure of trust in the best and highest good continues.

The price of this ticket covers all lodging, transfer fees, guides, and taxes, plus transportation within Scotland for the duration of the retreat 4.12.20 – 4.21.20.  It will cover entrance fees to castles, museums, tours, on and off the itinerary, and most all the breakfasts, too.  It does not cover airline flights, nor all meals, room tipping, room service, and spa visits.  Please read the itinerary and the instructions inside, including the refund policy and liability release before any ticket purchase. If buying two tickets or more you must fill out the liability release for each person.

Before you sign up for the JDH Sacred Scotland 2 Retreat, please fill out the Liability Release Form attached to this document. Thank you so much and I’ll be in touch with you soon with more details.

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