Zoom Jane’s Dancing Hands – Winter Solstice Circle

In the absence of our normal holiday bustle, I hope that you might instead join me and a circle of our friends around the world in an online Jane’s Dancing Hands Winter Solstice Eve Circle. Instead of holiday shopping and parties, I’m inviting you all to bundle into your coziest zoom room, don your gay apparel partywear, and sit and dance with me around the proverbial online bonfire of love to make a new ritual for these new times for this year.

Speaking of times, because I would love to have our friends over the pond join us, I’ll be having it not just the eve before Solstice, but by the light of day here on the west coast of America to make it easier for festivities – December 20 at 10:00 AM PST. Yes, and much like the old days, if you feel up to it, I would LOVE to have you gather in your finery, (ugly holiday sweaters, onesies, ballgowns, tuxes, or flannel jammies – all good!). You can decorate your zoom room, embroider a 7 x 7” quilt piece of dreams as well as bring a poem, appropriate words, song, or just heart squeezings to share. I will also invite you for a Dancing Hands meditation of peace and growing light, too, for those who like the Dancing Hands gift that flows through this ever-humbled vessel, and we can dance with one another to seal the sweetness if Source and the divine melody moves you in harmony, too.

Yes, if you brought some of your favorite food to the potluck feast after we can also toast with hot apple cider, holiday cookies, and whatever merry-making food you like.

YOU in the world, the Sparkling Circle who has gathered with me in person or online or just through these messages that reach your heart, eyes, and heart –- some of you since the beginning of time and some since the beginning of our relative locked downtime — have become precious family and friends on this sacred path to me and others here, so I truly hope you can join in the opportunity for sharing our toast of gratitude, our prayers for the growing light, and peaceful meditation for a world of hope, harmony, and forever love.

I’ll give you the updates on the latest work of the Dancing Hands then or we’ll just merry one another in sweet, soul song. This event is free, you are welcome to bring friends, family, pets, and your heart, but you must register in advance so we can do our best to keep the merry pranksters and coyote energy at bay. Thanks for your love here, and please register at least an hour before the circle so Boosalah has time to send you all your links of love.

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