• Day One everyone arrives on the available flights from Tongatapu. All are invited to acclimate and relax into the energy of the resort and we’ll gather together the first evening over dinner to meet and chat about our week.
  • We will eat breakfast each day, together if you’d like, and prep for pick up at the dock at 9am by our private charter boat Captain & crew.
  • We’ll spend each of the four allotted days on the boat from approximately 9am to 3pm. If we are close to land, we will find a nice quiet bay to eat lunch and swim from the boat.
  • The whale adventures range greatly in terms of how much up close and personal contact we enjoy. Some days will be beyond your wildest dreams and other days we might see little of our cetacean friends. As always with our wild brethren, there are no guarantees. Time on the boat, even if we don’t get the opportunity to get into the water, we can still have extraordinary close up encounters in the energy of the ocean, sky, and vibration of this place there is great peace.
  • The afternoons are free time to nap, journal, swim, snorkel, explore. At low tide you can walk and circumnavigate the entire island (proper shoe attire is recommended) to enjoy the coral garden, marine life, amazing caves, cliffs and rock formations that have been formed through time by the tides.
  • We will aim to have dinner together in the early evening. We will also allow time each night afterwards for connecting anew with purest Source energy and Pura Vida through another layer of soul expansive experience in an intimate Dancing Hands Circle with Jane and our retreat guests under the stars. Each of these each night sessions will be approximately an hour long with a little extra time to check in, integrate, share and deepen each day and experience.
  • The final day, will be the day you depart your island paradise. Depending on your schedule, the departure times will vary.

**Note that there are no boat trips, or any organized activities on Sundays. You can choose what to do on that day… perhaps take a kayak out with a friend, explore Treasure Island, or hang loose in the hammock, read or journal. You choose how you’d like to best enjoy your Sunday!  See “Special note about our resort”  below for other options…


Every “Sunday” is “Tongan Cultural Day”  where guests at the resort may enjoy a day of experiencing the local culture. Our hosts at the resort will transfer everyone after breakfast to the neighboring island of Taunga we may enjoy a visit to the villages’ church and also enjoy the islands’ beauty. If desired, we will have the opportunity attend a service of the Wesleyan Church of Tonga and hear the amazing way the Tongan people sing. After church, we are invited on a walk of the island before transferring back with the other guests of the Treasure Island Resort. Back at the resort we will all enjoy a “Tongan Feast” where lunch will be served from an “Umu” (Tongan underground oven). During the evening we may also enjoy a Historical talk and learn about the Maritime achievements and History of these great navigators and their unique voyaging vessels.