Why are these whales so special?

There is deep wisdom here. Many of us believe that the humpback whales are the ancient wisdom keepers of the planet. It’s as if they hold records of all that has been, all that is, and all that will be, within their beings.

“In Native teachings whales are metaphorically described as swimming libraries. It is believed that within the vast intellect of whale is held the Akashic Records containing all knowledge and experience in the history of all life. Whales are honored as the Record Keepers of the cosmos. Their strange song rings a knowing of astral realms and elemental depths beyond our comprehension. They are an audible reflection of the cosmos, dreaming and awake at once.”    ~Jess Hagen

So many of us are fascinated by the whales and drawn to be close to them. Not everyone knows why. It’s a calling from deep within, our own place of wisdom and knowing. The scientists have proven that the whales are phenomenal communicators, and researchers have recorded their songs as they connect with each other through their song, over thousands of miles. They remind us to connect from our hearts, to the hearts of others, even over long distances.

The sounds the whales are quite varied, and always extraordinary. Ironically, they can sound like cows, cars, creaky ships, sirens and rowdy teens. Their low frequency vibrations start can be felt very deeply, at soul level, and also physically, whilst we’re in the water with them.

Here is part of Jane’s experience from our Tonga Retreat in 2018:

The first time I slipped into the deep, blue Tongan ocean to swim with the mighty Humpbacks, I was afraid.  Being called to meet a guru would be simple. Meeting a 50’ long, 33-ton Humpback whale with her one-ton brand new baby learning to use her body was utterly unknown to 5’6″ me.   I literally thought before I slipped in, “Well, if I die, at least it will be over a really cool experience .” And combined with the reality so profoundly awaited, when I was swimming into the eye of this dream, the immensity of intensity I experienced was the closest I have felt to meeting G*d.   There was really little to fear.  Humpbacks aren’t dangerous. They are just really big, fascinating to swim with and spectacularly beautiful to watch as they move, and communicate.  Most of the adult Humpbacks of that region were born there and most return each winter from Antarctica to Tonga to mate and give birth.  The best skippers and guides in the region recognize and track the whales by logging their markings and habits each time a four-pack of humans (the max number at a time) steps into the water.

On our first day, right off we watched seven Humpback whales in a heat run! The six male whales were chasing and vying for the attention of one, big, beautiful Humpback female who for many minutes would lie on her back and slap her beautiful tail atop the water as if to say, “Come on, Boys. Show me what you’ve got.”  The whole heat run was thrilling, filled with fin slaps, rolling, diving deep, and puncturing the ocean’s surface with spy-hopping, breaching splendor. We even were graced with a rare, nearly all white, male whale we named Hina Hina, (the Tonga word for white.) Was this like the White Buffalo heralding changing times? Maybe it was a messenger for all of us on the boat. We would be changed after that first heat run.  We didn’t go in while they were competing for her affection, of course — but later, we swam with mothers, babies, and escorts, and I giggled and cooed into my mask the entire time. (Watch via our Tonga YouTube video on Jane’s Dancing Hands FB). Everyone says it’s life-changing because it’s truly life-changing to see massive mothers oh so gently nuzzling brand new babies, pushing them up to to the surface to breathe every five minutes, and then proudly rolling them toward our curious and respectful crew.  The enigmatic escorts gliding close by were part protective, part opportunists, and part sweet friend, but you couldn’t help to wonder what they were thinking.

Three months after I returned from the Kingdom of Tonga, I still could hardly speak of all I experienced.  My hands knocked on my heart to translate. Malo e lelei. Hello! People are waiting.  “What was there for you?” “What wisdom did you glean?”  “Did you bring back any souvenirs from Source?”  The inner push to share profundities escalated, but the incubation of these whale seeds and the songs of the Ancients and of Source, too, weren’t complete within me to yet share. Maybe they wouldn’t ever be?  Love permeated every bit and I wanted to kiss life fully on the lips, but words?  Not yet. Everything was beautiful.  I was swimming still, and all I knew was that these were tender tendrils pushing through the loamy soil of this Sibbett life-sailor to live my truth, not deny a single footstep into the adventure of accepting life, love, the gifts from Source and all his sweetest angels. Even from LA, I’d climb barefoot up the steep, twisted root and coconut crab trail to the highest point of Euaiki (yes, pronounced awake-y) Island as I negotiated slow-mo rush hour traffic in LA.  Car horns and sirens had no stick in my cells that had been washed for hours and hours floating with whale skin confetti and mating calls. I was grateful for a safe harbor with a dear friend to try and assimilate the new energies, but in LA-ish and its tightly pulled grid, nothing was as I remembered.  The world tilted and all the contents of my former life slid into a messy, stained pile in the middle of my “room” to sort, trash, or pack up for a new life.

Sort this in: I finally just heard that this, which is rooting and flashing through my hands are just a small part of what was buried in the Akashic tablets hidden all over the planet.  Some codes, I was told, were recorded tens of thousands of years ago with my own wooden glyph-stamps – each wooden glyph pushed into once soft, clay tablets, now dusty or buried in ice caves, under the earth, and in the whale songs beneath centuries of secrecy.  Now the stamps, snaps, clicks, songs, and codes link old and new in the sometimes whirling sacred geometric equations in the flying shapes of the dancing mudras coming faster and faster all the time.  Many are being awakened to their gifts by this gift and others.’ Yes, some see that these hands move not dissimilarly to ASL in that they can hold blocks of language, too, but as they dance they hold for one and all and translate and share many thousands of Source particles more.  And when they meet your hands – hooray, we put scrambled puzzles back in order. In fact, the yogic mudras may feel akin to the bones of dinosaurs in any Natural Museum of History.  They are broken bits, pieced together fragments holding potent stories, but together with our connection, we have filled in the blanks. These codes that currently fly through me (and a few other new and old friends on the planet) are here to not to just invite healthier balance but are awakening many more helpers.